Police are they leaders or not?

Are police officers leaders?

There are many different types of police officers in the world such as aggressive cops that give tickets for going one over the speed limit and there are kind cops that don't give tickets for any stupid reason. so in this scenario it is your choice. many people are on the fence such as me but that's just my opinion in this question if the police are really leaders...

Why police officers are good leaders?

Police officers can be good leaders because you don't only have to have millions of dollars and be a famous celebrity to be a role model or leader. Police officers are very persuasive and they protect our cities and nation when we need them. Usually in about grade 3 a police officer comes into your class to teach your rules and regulations of the law and what could happen if you commit any crime. They are there so that if you ever are in need then they could help you. Not only to help you but police officers also guide people into the right path which is an important thing in life. With the proper guidance they can guide you properly and you can be able to have a clean life and a safe life...

Reasons why the police are good leaders...

  1. They enforce the law
  2. They abide by the law
  3. Polices officers show respect
  4. They know what their doing
  5. They are helpful "There whenever you need them"

Why Police officers aren't good leaders?

Police officers can be have some negatives features which makes people believe that they aren't good role models or leaders. Now days most cops have arrested or have hurt the wrong people which has convinced people that the police aren't good people. A world without police is never good but a world with racist, stereotypical or offensive police isn't good either. But people believe that their kids or that the adults think that they can decide whats right for them but the police is just their for support and that's all they can do...

Reasons why the police are bad leaders...

  1. Some officers can be racist & stereotypical
  2. Fighting for the wrong side
  3. Some officers abuse their power
  4. Abusing their powers of their emergency lights and sirens
  5. Cops can be very aggressive

My opinion...

In my opinion police officers are and aren't leaders. I'm on the fence for this question if in my opinion police officers are leaders or not. It depends if they are or not. It matters if they use their power of being able to carry a weapon, have the power to arrest people or have the power to pull someone over or do they abuse their power being able to have all of those skills. They must prove that they are responsible and don't miss use their powers...

In the end what is your opinion.... Are police officers good leaders or not....


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