What type of text is it? What is its title?

Title: Junior Counselor 2016-2017

Text Type: A set of instructions

Selected Instruction

2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience? (age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1. Primary: Target Current YK Pao School Y7-Y11 Students

2. Secondary: Current YK Pao School staff members and community members

3. What is the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

Primary Purpose: promote JC program and attract more student applicants, which would increase the quality of Junior Counselor for summer 2017.

Secondary Purpose: for my reference in English B Homework.

4. What contextual aspects of the text are important? (year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

√ Year

√ Deadline

√ Benefit

√ Location

√ School Support

√ Who leads this

√ History of this project

√ Participants feedback

5. What important language / linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?

Important, this article used mostly formal language. The language used in these instructions is almost formal. In the next sentence, for example, we can see that this instruction diction is very rigorous. Students will have the opportunity to be trained in leadership positions, Students selected will work directly with the teachers, assisting the teacher during instruction and helping to lead and guide students during program activities. The diction of this sentence is formal, it does not show that students participate in this activity will be able to enhance leadership. The phrase "have the opportunity" is not definite in this statement. The article language is formal and rigorous

The article uses different languages to be specific details and examples. This article, for example, uses a lot of specific details and examples when describing the Mission & Goals, Requirements, and Responsibilities of the project.

6. Is phonology important?

No, for this instruction, the effect of phonology is not very much. Because we look at the whole text, we can find that the authors have hardly considered the role of phonology in writing the whole article. At the same time, this is a written text rather than a sound text, so phonology has no effect on the whole article.

7. Is syntax important?

Yes, syntax has strong effect on this instructions. Because this instructions sentence is generally not long, we can from mission and goals and requires can see the sentence generally shorter. And the sentence structure is simple.

8. Is grammar important?

Yes, Because it’s “A Set of Instructions”, it would be important that there is no grammatical error that would cause misinterpretation or incorrect information communication. Correct use of grammar is important for creating clear instruction that don’t confuse people or lead to incorrect or undesirable actions.

9. What about pragmatics?

Pragmatics is important for this article, because it applies to all the students of the whole YKPao School for the whole instructions. So the whole school students are mostly Chinese children, the expression is used in English, how to overcome the differences in cultural language is particularly important. And this instruction makes students have very good understanding of the article.

10. Is typography important? Why?

Yes, the typography of this whole instructions is very clear. The article is divided into Mission & Goals, Residential Enrichment Chinese Camp, Requirements, Responsibilities, The process and deadlines, Remuneration and Ineligibility, all together seven parts. Each section will be thick with black headings, making the whole instructions clear and understandable.

11. Visual images, charts and graphics?

The visual images, charts and graphics is unimportant to this instruction. Because we read this instruction, we can find that The contents of visual images, charts and graphics, are not used in this article. So it is not important for this instruction.

12. Other striking features? tone? style? theme? etc.

This instructions style and tone is more important. For example, this instruction is very targeted, mainly in the description of Junior Counselor Secondary 2016 Application process. This will attract the active participation of the students who are interested in this work. So we as students do not like the instructions of those which have no theme style. At the same time, this instruction tone is also very gentle, if the tone too strong will cause students ' antipathy. For example, in the sentence "Please read the instructions CAREFULLY before you decide to apply for this program" tone is more relaxed. It is acceptable to read.

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