Hiroshima By Bryce Robinson and Nick DeMerse

The bombing of Hiroshima consisted of The U.S. and Japan. President Truman and Shunruko Hata were the leaders during this time.
Picture of the first atomic bombs "fat man" and "little boy"

The bombing of Hiroshima was air to ground. There was two bombs dropped by The U.S. "Little boy" and "Fat man". Little boy was the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima by the B-29 bomber nicknamed Enola Gay.

In 1942 the Manhattan project began which was a secret military project to make an atomic bomb.

When the U.S. First made the atomic bomb they told Japan they had a weapon of mass destruction and that they would drop it if Japan did not surrender. After waiting multiple days with no response the Enola Gay set out to drop the Atomic bomb nicknamed Little Boy on Hiroshima. The U.S. hoped dropping the bomb would influence the Japanese Emperor to surrender.

Hiroshima was a tightly packed city in japan that had a population of 419,000 people. This was a prime spot to drop the bomb because of its high military population. The bombing took place on August 6th 1945.
Seventy to Eighty thousand people died in the blast from the atomic bomb and another seventy thousand people were injured.

The Bombing of Hiroshima helped end the war with japan by getting them to surrender.


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