Syrian Civil War

the Syrian conflict has been going on for almost a decade now , more than 450000 Syrians have been killed in the conflict, more than a million injured and well over 12 million Syrians have been removed from their homes.

Now lets talk about who's INVOLVED. well THEIRS the obvious like syrian groups THE KURDS, ISIS, REBELS, AND ASSAD. THe rebels are the free syrian government and they are those AGAINST the assad. assad is the leader of syria and is the one who let the army open fire on the protester the and the surrounding countries like jordan. Of course bigger countries get INVOLVED like russia and the US.

Events that happened. i don't EVEN know where to start with this one because the amount that has happened. It all started DURING a PEACEful protest when fire opened at the protester. April 5 there was a SUSPECTED chemical Attack killing at least 80 syrians.

DECEMBER 2015 , THE SYRIAN ARMY ANNOUNCED THAT ALEPPO HAS BEEN RECAPTURED FROM REBELS ,THE GOVERNMENT BIGGEST SUCCESS OF THE WAR . SYRIAN GOVERNMENT FORCES USED CHEMICAL WARFARE IN THE REBELS LAND OF ALEPPO DURING THE FINAL WEEKS OF THE BATTLE TO RETAKE THE KEY CITY, KILLING AT LEAST NINE PEOPLE AND INJURING MANY MORE. National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces formed in Qatar, excludes Islamist militias. Arab League stops short of full recognition. in 2012 December US, Britain, France, Turkey and Gulf states formally opposition National Coalition as legitimate representative of Syrian people. Syrian government forces retake Palmyra from Islamic State just to be kicked out again in December.

What are some of the cause of this war is probably what your asking now.The government opened fire a PROTESTER who were protesting for more freedom and more DIGNITY.


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