Donovan Bailey a biography by lochana

personal info [birth] December ,16, 1967 in Manchester Parish Jamaica. Siblings Michael Bailey, Glernroy Bailey,Wilburn Bailey, and O' Neil Bailey. Parents George Bailey and Daisy Bailey

Childhood; Donovan bailey moved to Canada on 1981 with his mom.when he was a kid he found interest in basketball then spriting . he also took care of his family farm animals such as Pigs,Chickens and goats.
Wife : Donovan bailey was married to Michelle bailey.
Donovan Bailey has one daughter named Aderienna Bailey who is 17 years old.

Obstacles; in 1996 olympics games he broke his Achilles Tendon in the leg while he was playing basketball.To recover it took 9 months almost a year.He also had to get surgegy and it was very hard to walk.

Participated in Euro sport,1964 Rome Games,World Champion ,Atlanta Games,1997 Donovan Bailey vs Michael Johnson 150m and 1967 Olympic games 100m

Accomplishments; two time olympic champion, two time world record holder, won about 6 gold medals,and 3 sliver medals,only man inducted into canadas sports hall of fame twice in 2004,and 2008.
honors and most remeber; awarded the lou marsh trophy , named sprinter of the decade by track and field news and got a surprize newsletter about him.
how did he reach his goal?: Donovan bailey reached his goal by practising every day and working out for his leg and arm muscles to get very strong.
is he still alive; yes he is still alive .
why did i choose him i choose him i choose him because i saw him talking about his life highlights.
did you know ??? donovan bailey has beated usian bolt once !!! he was the first canadian to legally break the 10 second barrier 100 metre!!! Donovan bailey is know as the fastest man in world !!! their is a park and street named after him named donovan bailey park and donovan bailey way that is west of oakville!!!
websites britannica,famous people,the canadian encyclopedia, kid rex, encyclopedia, fact monster and toronto star
Pop quiz 1] where was donovan bailey born ? 2] what bone did he break ? 3] how many gold and silver medals did donovan bailey win ? 4] what trophy did donovan bailey win ? 5] what is donovan baileys daughter name and age ?
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