The Renaissance By: Francisco Esquivel

Marco polo and the silk road

R : The silk road helped spark the reniassance .

A : the silk rosd was provided with trade with more goods and had safer travels .

C : the passage states " As more goods became available, prices went down " .

E : my evidence is important because it explains my answer .

S : The silk road helped spark the Renaissance because they had better trade and more goods . " As more goods became avalible , prices went down " . My eveidence is important because it explains my answer .

Italian Trade Cities

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci paintings , inventions , and anatomy .


The video was about Michelangolo and the impact on the Renissance

Paper and printing

Johan Gutenburg used the letter blocks for printing . He would put ink on them and press the paper on it to make books .

The impact he had on literacy was it helped Monks write faster and finish faster .

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