Tribal Life and Ibo Culture In Nigeria By Lessley lopez

There are currently more than 250 ethnic tribes in Nigeria, yet the Ibo tribe is one of the largest tribes there. The Ibo tribe, also known as Igbo tribe, makes up almost 17% of the population in Southeastern Nigeria. Their customs of extended families as seen as reasons for this.

Ibo Culture

  • The hot temperatures in Nigeria is the reason why many children do not wear much clothing until puberty.
  • Men carry machetes to clear overgrown paths and to defend themselves against wild animals.
G. T. Basden, Glenna Gordon, Chika Oduah

Their religion consists of many gods and three levels of divine beings, starting from Ndi Ichie, Umuagbara, and Chukwu. In other words the spirits of dead people, lesser gods, and finally, their supreme god.

As a result of this, they perform many rituals and work their lives around their beliefs."Shrines, called Mbari, are made in honour of the earth spirit and contain tableaux of painted earth."

  • Each village had a priest and priestess who would conduct ceremonies, rituals, and other spiritual matters.
  • As a result of their belief, that everything in life is controlled by higher powers,


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