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Welcome panther pals! If you've chosen online learning, then this page is filled with resources to help you continue your education in reading, writing, math, and social-emotional learning.

You might be wondering what your support schedule looks like now that you are at home. The answer is simple! First, complete your assignments in your Google Classrooms. Next, you can choose from any of the resources on this website. Each day, spend 10 minutes on language arts, 10 minutes on math, and 10 minutes on social-emotional learning. Then, you can complete the "blue lessons" in i-Ready. Lastly, you can choose to video conference with me if you need more support. Parents will be filling out a log verifying that student work has been completed.

There are several ways you can contact me.

You can call me at 530-278-8606 during school hours.

Send me a Remind text @lakelear

Use Zoom for a video conference. Once a meeting has been confirmed, I will email you a Zoom meeting ID.

"Why read? Simple. It has the ability to take you on an adventure without you leaving your seat, it is magical, and you can learn life lessons as well as actual facts." -Gracie Mack

For the Love of reading!

If there is one thing you do during our distance learning period, it's READ! We may all be quarantined at home, but with a book in hand and a little imagination, you can go anywhere. Below are some resources you can access everyday to continue your journey.

Listen to Reading

Read to Self and read to someone

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” ― Lisa See

Write all about it!

Believe it or not, you have become a historian! Future students will learn about how our whole nation overcame the corona virus and how all students continued school through distance education. It's up to you to document your days whenever you can; it's a primary source of information.

work on writing

Word Work

"The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics." -Paul Halmos

Math allows thinking to happen!

More time at home means more time seeing mathematics in the world around you outside of a classroom. I challenge you to try at least one number sense activity each week by visiting Estimation 180 below. You can also try other creative mathematics activities by visiting Youcubed below.

Social emotional Learning & self-advocacy

Follow my Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) channel on YouTube. I will be uploading videos each week on Mondays to discuss ways to develop self-advocacy and social-emotional learning skills. Be on the lookout for fun challenges to participate in!

I get to play video games?

Play interactive games and solve challenges all while developing social-emotional skills at Centervention!

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