Creative Music in the Classroom A Research Project

Music for Elementary Teachers - Aubrey Rumford

As an emotional and behavior disorder para-educator, I wanted to conduct research that I felt would be beneficial to my students. By implementing music in the classroom, my focus on this project is to see the correlation between music therapy and emotional/behavior disorders.
By playing music at various points throughout the day, I was able to capture various student's reactions before, during, and after a meltdown/episode.
Questions Before Research: Does participating in music therapy benefit/alter student's behavior throughout the day? What happens when music therapy is present?
Source #1: Various students found body percussion to be their favorite throughout this project. By conducting this, students were able to get creative and make a positive transition from one subject to another.
Source #2: Some students found Music Composition to be their favorite therapy session. Students were given an iPad and allowed to explore song-making on the GarageBand application.
Source #3: Interactive music - echoing game in the music classroom was another favorite form of music implemented. By this, students enjoyed the challenges that were faced, and the teacher kept them on their toes.
Source #4: Positive interactions, attention span, and readiness to learn were all this that were documented/improved on once music was present in the classroom.
Throughout the video, viewers are able to see the various effects music had students in the classroom. Viewers experience both the positive and negative effects, and realize that music has a small, yet telling impact on the students behavior as a whole. What worked one day, didn't always work the next, and it was very important to keep that in mind when conducting such research.
Although it may be a mild difference, music therapy has potential to change a lot within a emotional and behavior classroom. It's important to realize that these students will not always be drawn to/effected by the music at the beginning - or ever. By testing various genres, types, and cultures of music, I think music has potential to open up some kids and allow them to express their feelings in a positive/productive way.
In my career as a future teacher, I definitely plan to integrate music within the classroom. By creating a positive experience and allowing students to get creative, I think music therapy has a great potential to make a difference in regular and even special education classrooms.


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