The Life of a Nomad Phineas ROp

I was born in Africa, to be exact Nairobi, Kenya. I can be considered lucky because from a young age I was able to see more of the world than most people see in their whole life.

Thanks to my dad I was able to travel the world but traveling is not as great as you think it is. The first place I remember going was the great pyramid. You have to see it to know just how big it is.

Moving from place to place one of my favorite place has to France the city of light. I remember walking with my mom and a fence full of lock with people name on it also know as a Love Locks

After france I lived in germany for a couple of months. I don't really have an good memories or cool story about germany.

England is second on my all time most favorite place on earth. I lived in liverpool near King Park a small playground with a lot of open space. I still remember all the friend I made, the school I visited and the people and the crazy neighbor we had. (btw my bed is my favorite place on earth)

New york was my playground there were so much to do and everything was just a round the corner. The city was loud but after a while the sound disappear. I was terrified at first everything was so big but the city it grows on you.

I lived in california for almost 3 weeks or felt like it. All I remember was Disneyland and racing go karts. There was a costume shop next to the go karts station and I there was a mario costume standing in the window. I just knew the universe was telling me something because I bought the suit and i have to say i have never had so much fun in my life.

When I first came to shakopee I didn't know what to expect but one thing is for sure i am happy to call Shakopee my home.


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