Review unit 5:Health By:Jodie sanudo 1

Health triangle

Physical: Exercise , maintain a healthy weight, healthy diet

Mental: self-esteem, self confidence , think highly of yourself , be respectful towards yourself , don't be negative

Emotional: sad , happy , exited , joyful, depressed, angry

Injury and illnes prevention

Avoiding violence: don't get into fights , use words , stay out of bad situations

Staying safe online: don't share personal information , don't send embarrassing pictures to friends, don't post as someone else

Emergency preparedness: have extra food supply ( that lasts you for a few weeks ) , water , flashlights

Avoiding illness: wash your hands , don't share food with others ( you start getting sick two days before you feel that your sick)

Non-communicable / chronic disease: healthy diet , don't smoke or do drugs , long lasting disease ( chronic) such as cancer cancer

Mental emotional and social health

Stress: Eustress= good stress Distress=bad stress

Chronic stress: long lasting stress( 2-3 + weeks)

Bullying: constant , tell an adult , don't be a bystander

Cyber bullying: online , constant, posting pictures of others( embarrassing pictures) without their permission , rude mean snarky comments

Addressing self-harm: show concern , tell an adult , talk to the person who is hurting themselves, hangout with the person

Self-esteem and self-confidence: be kind to yourself , don't hurt yourself , don't bring yourself down

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