gaming addiction made by hugh

Gaming is a HUGE problem in our lives! We need to find a way to stop this HUGE problem. Gaming can lead to posture disability, brain disorder, eye problems, stimulation issues, and bad future, and no social life. Forming an addiction is EXTREMELY dreadful. Once you step into the dimension of gaming it is very burdensome but crucial to get back to reality. I once stepped into the world of gaming and it took me 3 years to get a hold of myself. It’s that hard to do it. I know some people that there entire life is based on gaming, drugs and unhealthy diet. The next problem is that gaming will RUIN your future.

If you become a game addict and won’t stop, you will most likely have bad grades and a bad job in the future. Just listen to the advice I'm giving you, gaming CANT be your future. We all have an abundance of opportunities to pick from, choose a good future where gaming doesn't get involved. We all have friends right? Well if you do enjoy playing with them then game addiction is not really the best for you, you will be spending endless hours on games locking yourself in with that Xbox or computer of yours. So remember to always socialise with your friends and get a good social life. Because friends are really crucial to our lives, they help us while we are struggling and give us advice.

Now here's the thing that non gamer understand, why do we gamer's spend so much money on gaming wear? This is yet another problem. once we like the game were playing we will relies that the gaming technology we have is not up to expectations, so we spend 3,000 dollars (or more) on a better desk, monitor, better memory chips, mother boards, water coolers, LED lights, better mouse, laptop, speakers, headphones and more! This will drain your savings dry in a month! Gamer's spend SO much money on games and technology that I don't think that they spend enough money of food. So when they need the money for something like surgery, gambling or loan money they won’t have it! They will just have to quit gaming which is very challenging and get a real job, earn money to pay of your expenses.

Other than spending money on equipment, a bad future, and no social life there is one other problem with gaming, and that is harming your body. Gaming can cause lots of problems to us. Don’t sit to close to the. T.V unless you want to have bad eyesight, and also don’t lean over for you will get posture disorder. Brain function can be harmed to be gaming, you are too concentrated on games and just won’t stop. This will kill your brain causing stimulation and you not Being able to sleep then leading to sleeping problems. Gaming can also traumatize you scaring you for life! So just limit your gaming or it will lead to a bad life causing many problems such as the ones I mentioned. Follow my advice because I know what it feels like to be one. I’ve experienced these problems and payed the ultimate price.


I think I did well on the writing text as I put a lot of work into it. It took me about three hours to finish it and it was very enjoyable as I had friends and family help me with it. When I read it I felt very accomplished and defiantly achieved. I used a lot of adjectives and persuasive languages to drag the reader’s attention as it was also fun learning all these new adjectives and to be able to use them again sometime.

If I could do it again I would do my persuasive image better as I did it in a rush. I had to have all my friends waste their time and help me to finish it. I would also change the thinlink as I felt it was rushed. I also would put more depth into the written text, although it was not rushed I feel that I had a lot of things to learn about English and how to wright a really really good text

I needed a lot of help trying to accomplish it for everything other than the text was rushed because I only had one hour to finish it. I needed help with Photoshop and defiantly needed help with thinglink. I had very little knowledge of both things. I was completely useless and only one out of 27 friends helped me.

I learned that persuasion text takes time and it’s no good to rush it at the end. Especially when only ONE friend decides to help you.

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