Our Journey to Sweet 16

It all started in a small city called Montezuma, Georgia when I took on the role as head Basketball Coach at Macon County High School. The team had only won 6 games in the past 4 years total.
The team was very young and I knew that it was going to be a challenge. The hardest part was breaking them out of bad habits.
I continued to teach them the best way I knew how. I basically had to reprogram them mentally to understand the skills needed to play basketball.
I finally began to become a great team and took instructions well. We were on a 12 game winning streak and excited about our accomplishments.
I beat some of the top teams in the state of Georgia and went on to the Sweet 16. we lost in the Sweet 16 but we were ready to begin a new mission next season and win a championship.
Created By
Quantavias Allen


Quantavias Allen. Basketball Pictures [Personal photograph taken in Macon County Gymnasium]. (2016, February 4).

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