our motto is to have fun at school.

the perpose is the reason that my utopia exests is that kids get board in class a lot and they fall asleep so if they want to choose what class they want to go.

our membership policy is

they are have emotions

they do what ever they want

they go out as late as they want without being afraid

they choose a good job and it isn't that far away

when they are born they need to already know how to swim

when they are old enough they choose a good person to marry

when they are born they are not alergeice to anything

you don't have to take any medicon.

when you turn five you know how to drive a snowmobile and a four weller

our location is i the middle of nowhere in a big space so i could make it the bigget comunity

daliy scheduale fun always smiling and never board math is one hour, science is one hour, english is one hour, slime is how ever long they want, ocean is how ever long they want, sleep is is how ever long they want, peer tutor is how ever long they want, memory is how ever long they want.


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