Voodoo Its not as spooky as you think

The Origins of Voodoo

Most notoriously known for the voodoo doll, voodooism isn't as violent as it's made out to be. Voodoo came to be as many different parts of African religions were brought together due to the movement of enslaved people. This eventually led to a reshaped version of these religions and what we know today as Voodoo, in Haiti. Like Christianity, there are different sects of Voodoo depending on the region it was developed in.

The Gods

There are an abundance of gods in Voodooism. People believe that the Gods would possess them while they pray. These Gods are called Loas. Shown below are just a few of the many deities that people serve, fear and respect.


This God is well known for his bad humor which stems from his love for rum, cognac and vermouth. He lives under the mombin tree near a spring. He is also known for his protruding eyes.

"Adjasou is well known for his protruding eyes."


Of Dahomean origin from the Fon and Yaruba tribes. He sometimes takes the form of a crab and is associated with water deities. Agassu is supposedly the result of a panther and a woman resulting in worshipers hands taking a crooked and stiff form when he possesses them, almost like claws.

"Agassu is supposedly the result of a panther and a human. When worshippers are possessed their hands take on a claw like form."


Brise sometimes assumes the form of an owl. He is the leader of the forrest and fiercely protects those who serve him, he is very fond of children and gentle. He lives in the Chardette tree. Brise likes the speckled chicken as his special food offering.

"Brise sometimes assumes the form of an owl."


People who practice voodoo believe that there is one God that created the universe, much like Christianity, but the similarities stop there. Worshipers believe that the being who created the universe is too far too reach so they worship lower deities and loas. They believe that when they worship, these loas possess them. Both men and woman can be priests.


Loas Gods to worship that aren't the one creator of the universe but are smaller Gods that can connect with the one creator and each have different powers. Loas possess worshippers.

Oum’phor A voodoo temple or place of worship. There is usually a small roofed courtyard where ceremonies are preformed and the sick are treated. There is usually a small house right outside this in which worship occurs.

D'jevo A special room set aside where examinations of voodoo candidates are examined and initiated.

Perfumes These are the best offerings for Loas. They symbolize different Gods and have a high ritual signifigance.

Pe The altars in which Gods are worshipped. They are usually square or rectangular and stand about the height of a mans chest. They are sometimes a stone.

The Red Sect Voodoo tribes in Africa that still preform human sacrifices are referred to as The Red Sect. They are a type of survival sect that see themselves as animals. They do not believe in wasting life so they do cook and eat sacrifices.

Focused Areas of Voodoo Practiced Today

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