The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt by:breana walker

The Spatial Experience: I attended the performance during the evening. The weather was very nice. As I entered the theatre, I scanned the lobby which was very well designed. I loved the art that was hanging from the ceiling in the lobby. I entered the actual theatre where the mood felt nice and calm. The lights were slightly dimmed and the audience started to fill up. The usher showed me to my seat which was relatively close to the stage. I had a great view of the stage. It was a great turn out when it came to the audience. There were a lot of people excited about the play.

The Social Experience: Unfortunately, I did not know anyone who was attending the play, so I went by myself. I was dressed more causal because right before the play, I had a class in the physics building. Even though I attended the play by myself, I believe that the good life helps with experiences with individuals that may have different mindsets and opinions than you. By sharing your experiences with other individuals it can help create new experience where you are able to view certain things differently.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I believe this performance helps people understand certain issues. Not everyone was raised in the same environment and may not have been as fortunate as some people. This plays shows a big culture difference from today's society. Before attending the play I read a summary about. I read that it was about two young men, one coming from a wealthy background and the other growing up fairly poor, who were sent to deliver a letter to Sarah Bernahardt. This play was able to help me understand the true struggles people had during those times. People were treated as slaves and forced for work countless hours barley making minimum wage.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt has many themes that displays societal and cultural issues. One major theme of the play happens to be social oppression of the poor. Poor individuals are portrayed to be less educated and ignorant. They are also often mistreated by people of a higher class. This play clearly displayed these issues because it shows the harsh conditions in a shoe factory where women worked hard for hours. There boss was a cruel man who abused his workers and got a away with it. During the play, I was able to notice the oppression and dehumanization of these workers. Poor people are more likely to be oppressed by wealthy people. They believe they can be treated any kind of way. This play left an major emotional impact on me because it demonstrated the social and cultural injustice. This type of injustice and dehumanization still continues in today's society. Changes need to be made to help overcome this major issue and stop the inhumanity.

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