OnaTax Nix tax anxiety & fear of the unknown

how? have them done right

We know taxes. Over 45 years in the biz. There's a lot to it but it doesn't need to be a mystery.

Although we love this country

I'm not so sure we love to pay taxes.

What do you want from someone who does your taxes?

We see & hear a lot of horror stories. Here's what we think you should want from someone preparing your taxes

  • They get it. They are smart, really smart
  • Accurate. Sloppy can't exist here.
  • Big picture viewpoint. They see the whole picture and can click the puzzle together
  • Personable. Tax people can be fun to be around, we promise! Joking aside, they should show empathy, listen and genuinely care to serve you.
  • Heart of a teacher. They speak with you not at you
  • Modern. They stay up on regs and technology
  • Flexible delivery system. Access to your return online, paper = convenience
  • They are really organized. They can't lose things (we're back to no sloppy)
  • They help you plan
  • You like them. (yes this matters) Never work with someone you can't stand

Meet who runs our OnaTax Team

Bill Reichelt, CPA/ABV

Head of OnaTax

We like to call Bill our technical brilliance! His public accounting career spans over 45 years with taxation as his specialty. Bill is lead of the OnaTax team. He works with businesses and individuals on all taxation issues from the highly complex to the simple. He has extensive experience with all types of individual and business entities.

In addition to his tax expertise, Bill is also a business valuation expert. He is an Accredited Business Valuation (ABV) Specialist, licensed by the AICPA and provides business valuation services to clients, banks, investors, and other interested parties.

Bill has lots of credentials you can check those out on our OnaWay website in the Meet Us page.

What we love most at the OnaWay about Bill is that he takes technical knowledge and combines it with a warm caring presence. Bill is a kind gentle soul with a keen intellect. You won’t feel inferior speaking with him on topics of high technical nature.

Shannon Reichelt, CPA

Founder of the OnaWay

Shannon founded the original CPA firm S. Reichelt & Company LLC in 2006 shortly thereafter came Leap Bookkeeping. As the businesses grew and her journey as a business owner continued she developed a true love & desire to help other owners deal with running their businesses. 20 years in the biz she’s grown into a constant inspiration sharing her own lessons learned to selflessly aid others.

Shannon's background is in tax, especially business related tax issues. Her entrepreneur spirit adds a unique twist to her technical tax knowledge. She's able to structure businesses together weaving intricate flow between them all and you.

Shannon is the creative behind the OnaWay and manages the company. She is the master-mind behind OnaLife, writing all original content. She specializes in working with small businesses including entity strategy, money management, accounting system efficiency, business and personal income taxes, and coaching. She also heads up the OnaMoney team helping people conquer their day-to-day money.

"I love to take the puzzle pieces and click them together. I can see the obstacles that will pop up and help design around them. It's creative & necessary. How you structure your business is SO important." - Shannon

let's get back to you

What kind of taxes do we do?
  • Personal income taxes
  • Business income taxes
  • Nonprofit tax returns
  • Trust income taxes
  • Estate tax returns
  • Gift tax returns

Do I need a plan?

Yes you do.

tax planning 101

the last thing you want is a gigantic tax bill dropped in your lap out of left field. Enter tax planning..

Should I pay quarterlies? What are quarterlies? Do I get penalties for not paying taxes throughout the year? How much to I even pay?

There's a lot that goes into these questions, don't feel bad you have so many! Tax planning is a way of predicting what you will owe in taxes in a given year. It's goal is to be strategic in possible tax saving opportunities AND remove the emotional terror of unknown taxes. It's always better to know.

Tax planning is a collaboration we do together. It begins in late August before the September 15th quarterly due date. We discuss how the year is going, obtain year-to-date numbers, help you project the remaining year profit, and prepare the tax projection. This provides you with an estimate of current year taxes owed so that you can make informed decisions we well as adjust quarterlies up or down. For people with fluctuating incomes this is highly recommended.

Some folks have a one time taxable situation they need help on such as a sale of property or stocks. Tax planning helps you here too. For a low flat fee we can connect at key times throughout the year removing the unknown of April 15th.

Tax planning puts you in control versus waiting for the verdict.

Ready to take the mystery out of your taxes?

Here's how

Meet Shana, she'll guide you through our process. (yes we have a process, we're accountants, we can't help it.) She'll assist you in scheduling appointments, sending us tax docs, getting stuff to you & making sure you feel comfortable along the way

Here's how a switch to us is typically done

  • Schedule a free initial phone call with an OnaTax member (up to 30 mins) to chat about what you have going on and how we can serve you. It's a get to know each other call. Like what you hear? next..
  • Sometimes an in person meeting is scheduled to address immediate needs. During tax time we recommend meeting in person your first time here, if you are local. After that some people come in, some don't, depends on the situation.
  • Send us your prior year returns through our secure online OnaPortal, mail in, or swing by in person.
  • We'll set you up in our robust system for project reminders (we never miss a due date), email notifications, OnaPortal registration for your private online account, tax organizer tool and of course in our tax software
  • From here on out its roll up the sleeves and get to work

Contact Shana at shana@theonaway.com or 413.209.8364 to schedule your free introductory call.

How much will my taxes cost?

It depends. As you can imagine the complexity of taxes is wild and varied. For individual taxes our minimum fee is $300. The fee goes up if you have many investment accounts, multiple rental properties or sole proprietor businesses, K1's from flow-through business entities, or multiple state filing requirements.

For all other tax returns a fee estimate can be provided after the initial phone call and upon review of your prior tax return.

Check out more great services at our company the OnaWay

OnaTax is owned and operated by the OnaWay. LLC

1632 Northampton Street, Holyoke Mass & 55 Federal Street, Suite 230, Greenfield Mass 413.209.8364

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Shannon Reichelt

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