Abaco Cottage Elbow Cay Bahamas

Elbow Cay
White Sound - just South of Abaco Inn
White Sound - Abaco Inn
Project Site
Abaco Inn - Sunset Point
Site Topo / Survey
Initial Schematic Diagram
Area Plan
Site Roof Plan
Looking North East
Looking South West
Looking South east
Looking North West
View from Beach edge
Beach view
View from Abaco Inn Pool
View from Abaco Inn Dining Room looking southwest
View From White Sound
West Entry Elevation
Entry elevation with tree buffer on Street
South Elevation Dune Section
Looking from Screen Porch
Approaching site dock . Abaco Inn Sunset Point on left. New Cottage on upper right on horizon behind dock.
Approach to dock on right. Ridge of Cottage seen on horizon in background
View from Cottage Dock to Cottage in background
North Carriage House only

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