Towns of Angelica WI My local governemt

On Januady 9th of 2017, a meeting was called to order at the Angelica town hall. During the meeting public comments were made where town hall resident James Mills asked about putting up barricades or "bump" signs where there are two bad bumps in the road on Town Hall Drive. Also, Elmer kraning and supervisor Van Aston had comments regarding road signs and replacing current "stop" signs. To include, town officers report that there is a stop sign on the corner of Deer Drive and Green Valley Road that is bent over slightly and there was also a sign the was supposedly hit by farm equipment on Elm Road. Officials are trying to fix this by adding more salt to the sand/salt mix that is spread on the roads by Mckeefry's and the county. I think we could solve these issues by adding more signs and replacing old ones and reinforcing them so they are more resistant to damage caused by every day accidents.

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