Holiday spirit runs high throughout the Main Line amidst the COVID-19 pandemic By Sarah Rogalski '21

Although Pa. has shut down yet again due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in number of cases within the state, people living on the Main Line have continued to celebrate the holidays by putting up festive decorations, inside and out. On Dec. 13, I was able to capture scenes with lots of decor throughout towns such as Wayne and King of Prussia, as well as my own home in Shand Vassar. Outside in public spaces, lights are strung and Christmas trees are put up to keep the holiday spirit alive as many people have to stay inside and cannot participate in the usual festivities.

As some folks stay inside their own homes for the majority of the winter, decorations indoors go above and beyond to fuel the holiday spirit many people love. Many families have to adapt their traditions along with changing times as restrictions are laid and rules are put into place. Taking a look inside my own home, many decorations were put out in order to brighten our moods, dulled by the virus keeping us away from friends and family. All through my town people strive to keep the vibes alive as the holiday season is upon us.

A rocket Santa snow globe sits among other holiday decorations and photos on a coffee table. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21

The decorative Christmas village in action. Video by Sarah Rogalski '21 / Music credit: We Wish you a Merry Christmas Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Pieces of the Christmas village. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Christmas lights and other decor surround a mini Santa Claus cut-out that sits on the fireplace mantel. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Two snowmen sit on the fireplace mantel with lights and a pinecone beside them. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Many ornaments hang on a colorfully lit Christmas tree. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Some ornaments that are on the Christmas tree. Photos by Sarah Rogalski '21
A large Christmas tree sits in the middle of the King of Prussia (KOP) Town Center. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21

Festive lights line the streets in the KOP Town Center as many stores and restaurants remain open as COVID-19 restrictions intensify. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21

Ornaments cover green tinsel garlands on poles in the KOP Town Center featuring Sarah Rogalski and Tanna Styer. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Holiday treats put on display in front of a large chocolate Santa Claus in Kilwins, KOP. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21

Zoom interview with Tanna Styer on holiday traditions and decorating for Christmas. Video by Sarah Rogalski '21

Polar bears and other decorations sit outside The Velvet Shoestring in Wayne, Pa. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21
Wreaths hang on the doors of the Wayne Presbyterian Church. Photo by Sarah Rogalski '21

Decorations, from inside the home to outside throughout town, are put out this winter despite the pandemic. Although heavy restrictions have been laid upon the state of Pa., many people living on the Main Line see this holiday season as one to embrace the Christmas spirit and continue spreading cheer.

Created By
Sarah Rogalski


Photos and videos by Sarah Rogalski '21