Cole's Laundry Adventures

Living off campus can be hard, especially if you don't have your own laundry machine. This is the tale of Cole doing his laundry at a friend's house and then his adventure back home.

First thing's first: Cole did his laundry.
Time to head home! With his clean laundry in hand, Cole leaves the warm house for the cold, windy outdoors.
Along came a big gust of wind that scooped up one of Cole's shirts. Uh oh!
Cole picked up his shirt and kept walking home. After a couple minutes, Cole was exhausted from his long walk, so sat down to take a little break.
Cole stood back up, determined to get back home with his laundry. But what Cole didn't realize was that his big basket of laundry made it hard to see anything else. Cole didn't see the big concrete obstacle in his path and tripped, but luckily didn't drop his laundry!
With his house in sight, all Cole had left to do was to cross the street. Easier said than done with all of the construction equipment. Cole looked both ways and was very careful to avoid all of the loaders that were moving gravel around.
After crossing the street, Cole made it home! (or at least until next week, when Cole will have to do his laundry and make the journey home again!)

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