Samuel P. Harn Museum Kevaughn Allen

This was my first experience of going to a museum. It was pretty cool to get to go to a museum to see all the beautiful pictures, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. I did enjoy myself and would recommend for people to see.

Medium of the Art

For this area I chose a standing man with rattle stick sculpture. Seeing this piece in person made me see the actual size of it, the details that was created for it, and the true color of the sculpture. Seeing this sculpture in person made me realize the beauty of the Mexican culture better. The monkey man was the most outstanding to me in that area when I walked in the room and I had to go see it. It made me feel like I was back in time wearing those clothes with a stick in my hand. It also made me feel like I was looking at something historical.

Design of the Museum

When I first waked in to the museum it was different rooms for the artwork and theme. When I came across this room the one thing that stood out to me was how bright the room was which brought out the artwork. This piece of artwork was interesting because it looked like it came out of a newspaper or magazine. I never thought artwork could be designed that way. I noticed how they grouped the pictures in threes but in different arrangements. It made me feel like I was outside looking at artwork.

Art and Core Values

I have many core value and one of them is being active. This painting made me realize how riding a bike is being very active and healthy. I liked how they were riding bikes in group instead as an individual. In high school I used to play sports and that involved teamwork. This artwork instill the emotion of happiness because they are riding bikes together. It better helps me understand how exercise is important to having a good life.

Art and the Good Life

This piece of art represent the seeking theme because you are seeking into a new state or city to have a good life and new experiences. A few months ago i went to New York city for the first time and this reminded me of that experience. It is important to go out and seek other things because you never know what is out there that you may want to do.

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