How to Apply for Transfer Credit Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Step 1: Get the proper form

Unfortunately, Lehigh still handles transfer credit requests with old-school pen and paper. So the first thing you need to do is get a copy of the appropriate transfer credit request form:

Step 2: Get the syllabus

Evaluating your request requires that you include a full syllabus of the course for which you are requesting transfer credit. A description of the course is not enough. And the syllabus has to be current and complete with a) the schedule and dates for the class, b) the name and contact info of the course instructor, and c) information about the textbook or other required readings. And yup, you need this in hard copy too (I told you this was old school).

Note too that we generally do not approve Sociology or Anthropogy transfer credits for courses lasting a month or less.

Step 3: Submit your materials in Williams 280

Bring the hard copy of your completed application, with attached syllabus, and drop it in the bin in Williams Hall 280 (pictured above). Be sure you've signed the application. You might also want to include your email address on the form, in case we need to reach you (the form doesn't ask you explicitly for your email because, you know, that would make too much sense).

Step 4: Chill

Now sit back and relax! Your request will generally be processed within a week of when you submit it, though it can take substantially longer during summer and winter breaks. We'll let you know when it is all set to go. You'll then need to pick up your completed form in Williams Hall 280 and deliver it to the Registrar's Office (Room 011 of the Alumni Memorial Building) or Study Abroad Office (Coxe Hall), as appropriate .


You can contact me, Professor Ziad Munson, if you have any further questions.


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