the way non-smoking ads are exaggerating Cordel K.

Media bias is many things but when it boils down to it, you see they mainly use exaggerations about the consequences of smoking by saying for a fact something will happen when its only just a high chance. they do the exaggeration to encourage those who do smoke to quit and those who don't to not take it up and stay clean from all that smoking nonsense.

photo stating no smoking beyond this point

There are many reasons to quit smoking such as you won't smell bad, you don't disturb others if you don't smell like a cigarette, and you wont hurt others because second hand smoke has been proven to be worse than firsthand smoke. While at times the exaggerations can be good to be more enticing to quit and stay clean from them, they can be a bad thing because it could lead to a possible lawsuit for false advertising in one way or another. It can also make people who realize that they are exaggerations think that the facts about what smoking can do to you is a lie or simply just smoke in spite of the commercials.

Media bias, (in this case exaggerating about smoking) is a good example of things that happen in the media to make something seem more powerful or enticing and so on.Iin the end they are correct on smoking is extremely harmful to you and those around you even if you don't smoke next to them or even near them because the smoke sticks to your clothes and that it has high chances of killing and harming you or even others. Their only mistake is the exaggerations saying it will for a fact give you cancer and kill you. While they aren't too far from the truth of that but it is still an exaggeration nonetheless and is another example of media bias

storm-trooper in a wheelchair from hospital. probably smoked or got shot because they cant aim

In the end they are close to the truth of winding up in the hospital and/or dead but it is only just a very high chance not a guarantee. Many people who smoke are dead early but not all. There are a few people who smoke and are fine in life later on, but it is very rare. Just don't smoke and you're chances are highly reduced of dying early.

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