HTJK By: Holly bartek

HTJK is the best bot that you have ever seen, and I’ll prove it. We had a project on battlebots. I did my bot with my partner, Jazil. We named our bot HTJK, because it stands for our friends names. We did this for teamwork, and I would say that not everything is easy. HTJK is the best because it has the weapons, the looks, and the moves.

If you want to know what weapons were on HTJK, than keep reading. HTJK has this hammer on the top, so when it goes down on three wheels it hits the car. HTJK also has a drill on the front, to cut the opponent when it comes at us. We put nails on the wheels of the car to pop our opponents tires. We have put a tiny hammer under the car. When the opponents comes and we are up on three wheels then it will hit them. HTJK is the greatest bot, because of it’s weapons.

Do you want to know what HTJK looks like? HTJK is a five wheeled car, the fifth wheel is the smallest. It is black car with flames on it. We also pit the name of the car on the back. Jorden Degner said that if she would have to chose the best looking bot she would chose mine. Over half of our class said that the best looking bot was mine. HTJK is the best looking bot in the class.

HTJK has the moves like you’ve never seen. Let’s go check out HTJK’s moves. Since, HTJK has five wheels it can come at you with the front tires up. HTJK can spin as fast as 360. Taylor says that HTJK is the fastest bot out of all of them. HTJK can go hit you so hard and fast you’ll never see it coming. HTJK can spin and when you come at it your bot will go flying. HTJK has the moves to beat you.

HTJK is the greatest because it has the weapons, the looks, and the moves. Have you ever seen weapons like HTJK’s. HTJK is the best looking bot in class. Do you want to see moves like HTJK’s? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” - Lee Harvey Oswald. I just have one question left, why haven't you picked HTJK yet

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