The Harn Museum Kaitlyn Swahlan

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Old Man's Cloth

Old Man's Cloth was created by Elonachuee in 2003. Seeing this piece of artwork in person helped me to better appreciate the many different textures and qualities of the piece. It truly looks like a quilt, woven together by many different colors and metallic substances. One cannot truly appreciate what the artist was attempting to depict without being able to all of it's dimensions in person. The artist's technique of attaching each piece one by one the same way was what was so striking to me. To me it communicated how memories build up and knit together to create a cloth of life, and by the title of Old Man's Cloth, I could see how this would be the cloth of someone who had lived a life full of many different kinds of memories, many of which golden with happiness. The texture is also ridged and not soft, like it is stiff from time. It made me feel nostalgic, as if I was looking back through my life and different memories.

Design of the Museum

The Asian Wing

I found the Asian Wing of the museum to be particularly appealing to me. The light pouring in the windows mixed with the fresh scent of mahogany wood created a tranquil and unique atmosphere. The large wall facing in front shone through to a beautiful and lush garden, displaying a waterfall. The cool temperature enhanced this overall effect. Nothing in the section was at all crowded or busy appearing. Everything was evenly spaced out, while giving the viewer the ability not only to enjoy the art but also to enjoy the overall layout and negative space of the exhibit. It made me feel at ease, relaxed and at peace.

Art and Core Values


These pieces of art showcase my core value of hard work. Exhibition by Fordman Robinson showcases people hard at work, possibly even over time, building a city. This allows me to explore this value by evoking me to think of a time when I had to work hard, in many different stages over time, in order to achieve my goals. It makes me feel proud of myself, just as the picture is busy and clutter, so can life when one is trying to achieve their goals, but in the end it is all worth it, as shown in the painting Manhattan by George Rose. They help me to better understand this value because I can see how even though at the time the picture of life can be kind of confusing, in the end it paints a beautiful picture. It makes me feel motivated to continue to work hard especially throughout college. Although it can feel busy and stressful at the time, it will all make sense in the end and be beautiful.

Art and The Good Life

Photographs by Delgado

This photograph shows people working hard at work, excavating land for gold. This displays the good life theme of Seeking the Good Life. These people are seeking to find their version of the Good Life by pursuing riches, or gold. This adds to my understanding of the theme, as it is incredible to me how so many people would endure tiring work out exposed to the elements in order to pursue something that they believe will give them lasting happiness and meaning. For everyone, this journey is different and can be expressed in many different ways. Being motivated by a chance at living a good life can drive people to do many things that they wouldn't otherwise agree to doing, and this picture helps me to better understand that.

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