Venice, Lake Garda and Verona, 7 days of Italy's Holiday Three diamonds of Italy: stay 7 days /6 nights in 3* hotel with good breakfast and paid train transfers between cities for just for £ 350 (incl.travel insurance policy)

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Stay 7 days and 6 nights in 3* hotel with breakfast and paid train transfers between cities for just for £ 350 * (incl. the travel insurance policy)

Personalise your Holiday with Verona Opera Festival

*The price of the hotel is based on a double room, so you will need to buy a trip for two. Please, contact Travel Dream Club and we will offer a good option for Solo Travelers.

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After landing in airport you’ll start your Italian discovery with a three days, two night break in Venice. During your time in the Italian gem, you'll stay at 3* hotel in a modern and spacious double room with a private bathroom. You'll be in an ideal location for relaxing away from the buzz but close enough to easily explore the romantic waterways and cobbled old streets for which Venice is justifiably famous.

Venice never lost its capacity to enchant travelers by a glittering canal with the dome of San Simeon Piccolo beyond remains heart-stopping, whether they're doing it for the first time or the 100th.

To talk about Venice means to say the same sorts of things over and over again. The unique city has inspired writers for generations, but it’s hard these days to say anything about Venice that hasn’t already been said...

One of the bits of advice that is often repeated, is that when you’re in Venice it’s important to get lost. Which sounds like weird advice, do not you think?

I have, on more than one occasion, thought that if I ever wanted to lose our self entirely for short time that we would go to Venice. To have this feeling that I could forget my name there, and that it wouldn’t bother me...(Victoria, Travel Dream Club)

It’s a seductive thing, getting lost in Venice...

If you’re pretending there’s no map for Venice, another good way to get truly lost in the city is to pretend there’s no guidebook. Or, if you’re trying extra-hard to lose the crowds, to deliberately avoid any place listed in the guidebook.

In general, however, if you approach Venice as an explorer might then everything has the potential to be wonderful, whether it’s on someone else’s “must-see” list or not.

Just you will lost in love in Venice...

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The Olympic theatre in Vicenza, Italy

"To see splendor of Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go....." - Truman Capote

Next stop:

Lake Garda

Traveling from Venice via train, you'll head for this gloriously tranquil destination that exudes understated elegance and friendly charm.

Water sports, walking trails and the world-renowned thermal springs of Terme de Sirmione provide plenty to do for those who favour a busy holiday. For the adventurous and culture-crazed, hike to Bastion to see some unforgettable views, visit the 19th century San Martino Tower, or take a sunny stroll along the Ciclo-Pendonale to Lazise-Bardolino route.

A geographically stunning location, keen photographers, water sports enthusiasts and sun seekers would be mad to miss a trip to Lake Garda's alluring shoreline, but secretly, there's nothing nicer than simply soaking in the idyllic scenery...

The lake views from the terrace at hillside Vecchia Malcesine...

Next stop:


Verona is an ancient city, with its history stretching back to Roman times. It’s a gorgeous town full of winding streets, lively bars, intimate restaurants and bustling piazzas.

Lovers of Renaissance art will find plenty to admire in its museums and churches, while ancient history buffs will delight in the Roman ruins hidden all over the city.

Die-hard romantics will enjoy all the monuments dedicated to Romeo and Juliet, fictitious though they might be. Foodies will find a paradise of good eats, from budget nibbles to luxurious dining.

Personalise Your Holiday with: The Verona Opera Festival

*Let Travel Dream Club know if you would like to book tickets

Whether you’re an opera aficionado or not, a trip to the oldest open-air opera festival could not be a better addition to your stay. Held in a Roman amphitheater, the summer performances are truly something special – when the floodlights go down on the 15,000 spectators, the cacophony diminishes to hushed whispers, before the magic begins and the beautiful voices fill the dusky air.

*Available Opera performance you can find here:

Performances start between 8.45 to 9.00 pm, so you may wish to enjoy a pre-opera dinner or drink.

Your 7 days, 6-night Itinerary

- Day 1: Arrive to Venice, start to enjoy your holiday and stay overnight.

- Day 2: Your second day in Venice and stay overnight.

- Day 3: After hotel check-out you will board a train to Lake Garda. Enjoy your afternoon, evening and stay overnight

- Day 4: Your second day to explore Lake Garda and stay overnight.

-Day 5: After hotel check-out you will board a train to Verona. Enjoy your afternoon, evening and stay overnight

-Day 6 Your second day in Verona and stay overnight

- Day 7: Enjoy your morning and nice breakfast. It is time to head to go back home.

* The price of the hotel is based on a double room, so you will need to buy a trip for two.

*If you want to change (increase or decrease) amount of days/nights to stay, please, contact us: ask@traveldreamclub.uk We are happy to make your holiday planned by your desire

*Travel Dream Club will provide you with a travel guide with a description of routes and historical places, as well as a “package of tips” from experienced travelers and you will have your holiday enjoyable and planned by your desire.

* You can change the dates of your holiday before full coordination of details and completed travel documents.

*No cancellation after full coordination of details and completed travel documents. Changes are possible, subject to availability.

* Refund before final approval of documents guaranteed.

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Below you see how your double rooms with private bathroom may look like in 3* hotel with breakfast.

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