FedEx Final Reflection


  • Liquidity has been in good condition
  • Net income and revenue have increased
  • A/R turnover has decreased
  • Average collection period has increased

Employees As Valuable Assets

  • Long-term debts to equity has increased
  • Treasury stock buy back
  • Debts to total assets is well below one


  • Cheaper fuel impacted the bottom line
  • Depreciation and Retirement plan MTM are 8% of revenue
  • Lease more 10% aircraft

Losing Against the Only Competitor

  • UPS has more than twice of Market Cap
  • ROA is lower than UPS (3% vs 8%)
  • Average collection period (54 vs 42 days)

Future Growth and Opportunities

  • Realized Weakness
  • Expansion to international
  • Acquired TNT in 2016
  • New transportation routes in Europe
  • Future income will increase


  • Favor financial condition
  • Need improvements in A/R


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