Stations of the Cross By Resurrection Catholic School's Middle School Students

First StaTion:

Jesus is condemned to death

Second Station:

Jesus takes up his cross

Third Station:

Jesus falls the first time

Fourth Station:

Jesus meets his mother

Fifth Station:

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross

Sixth Station:

Veronica wipes Jesus' face

Seventh Station:

Jesus falls for the second time

EightH Station:

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Ninth Station:

Jesus falls for the third time

Tenth Station:

Jesus is stripped of his garments

Eleventh Station:

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Twelfth Station:

Jesus dies on the cross

Thirteenth Station:

Jesus' body is taken off the cross

Fourteenth Station:

Jesus is laid in the tomb

Produced by Katharine, a seventh grade student at Resurrection Catholic School, Lakeland.

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