My hero By Miguel

I have many people that have motivate me in my life . Some were more helpful than others were. But there is that special person that motivated me and encourage me to keep going on my toughest moments . That person is my mother . She was the one that gave me birth . She is from Toluca , Almoloya Del Rio México . I decided I wanted to interview her because she was the person that motivated me in life the most .

My hero has been through alot. But some of the hardest decisions was having me at a young age . She also had to overcome being a lonely mother since my dad was working here . Yes he send her money so she can feed me but it isn't the same having your husband there to support you than being alone . She also had to overcome the fact that she had to drop out of school to have me . And one of the biggest obstacles she had to overcome was try a new life in the United States .

My mother was the first in the family to attend “ La Universidad” a university . She also was one of the first persons in her family to come to the United States and be successful here . But the biggest accomplishment was giving my brothers and I a great life . She might not be the richest so you won’t ever see me with fly shoes nor nice clothes but never have I let you guys without any clothes on your back or shoes on your feet “ was my mother's words .

My mother is a positive influence in my life in so many ways . She is the lady that no matter in what situation I am in she always there by side . Ever since I was small she was always a shoulder that I would cry on . She was not only there but she would also give me opinions of what would be the best thing to do in any situation . She also never gave up on me even if everyone was turning their back on us .

I learned that life isn't easy in Mexico . I also learned that she did not live an easy life while growing up . Poverty and the need of having some they can talk to really made her life more difficult than it already was . I learned that I am have to work my butt off so I can be someone in life and if I don't I would just be a simple worker that gets paid so little for a bit of money .


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