LEVEL UP personalized Pathways for Learning

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

:: Socrates ::

Motivate educators to level up on their professional learning.

Create a culture in which teachers are self-directed, life-long learners. Promote and celebrate risk-taking, innovation, and creativity.

Build opportunities for teachers to develop and share their personal learning goals and objectives aligned with local and district-wide goals.

Begin with open dialogue. Listen to discover teacher's needs and interests when designing a classroom culture that empowers students.

Co-construct action steps to meet goals and objectives for professional learning.

  • Increase the educator's engagement and ownership of the learning process.
  • Craft customized professional learning experiences tailored to the needs and interests with clear connection to professional learning goals.
  • Co-develop a timeline for implementation of action steps.

Establish a professional learning community focused on improving student learning experiences.

Team up teachers in cohorts based on similar goals and interests to foster a sense of interdependence through the shared learning experience. Professional Learning Leaders facilitate conversations among teachers as they collaborate to develop resources and effective teaching practices and strategies based on professional learning.

Support Structures

  • Embed time for team collaboration within the teacher's work day.
  • Appropriate adequate time for teachers to explore, develop, practice, and reflect.
  • Gather student work samples to analyze impact on student learning.
  • Provide on-going coaching and mentoring support and feedback as part of the professional learning cycle.
  • Receive feedback from teachers at pre-determined checkpoints on their professional learning experience.

Empower teachers to be learning leaders.

Build capacity by encouraging teachers share their experiences - both challenges and successes - when implementing new practices and strategies with the teams at their sites.

Chanmi Chun /// Instructional ToSA /// February 17, 2017


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