Modeling Change Project by IriS Akdal

To start off the project we had to find a subject that we were interested in and we had to find the growth of it across the years. My whole family are all are movie fancies so I decided to pick my project on the growth of movies earning money (so the box office). The first part was to find all my data.

2017 was a bad year because so far the highest movie in 2017 is Beauty and the Beast but that is still in the cinemas so probably right now the data is much higher.
This is my actual graph

This is my calculations for best fit

Then I had to group the whole graph and I chose to the linear equation.

Here are my calculations.

After that I had to do my calculations for how much money the biggest movie of the year would make in 50 and 95 years.

So in 50 years it is predicted that the biggest movie of the year worldwide will make 5 billion dollars and in 95 years it will make almost 7 billion dollars.

My points are not exactly on the line because my answer had a lot of decimals and I didn't do my calculations with the decimals.

In conclusion some things that I realized on my graph was that my lines went all over the place because this subject is really uncertain. When we look at the graph we can see that there is no direct link of years passing and results of the book office. There is no realtion between the years and the box office so for the future the prediction are uncertain. Also in the future there might be different technology so the box office might not be that relevant. Lots more people in the future also may have there own home cinema so for the amount of money the movies earns might be fixed.

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