Spring Break - Joy Maria Daniel

My spring break was spent in Doha with my family. Most of the days we stayed home, but on others we had some family time outside of our house. My theme relating to all these photos is joy because in all of the pictures taken, the feeling of happiness or pleasure took place. Most of the photos taken on the dogs were taken from a down low perspective. I had to physically get down at the dogs' eye level. This put the picture in the dogs' perspective and not the way we look down at our dog everyday.

This picture of my dog was taken at my front yard. I placed his head on the top right crosshair in the rule of thirds to show the space in the direction the dog is looking at. Since the dog is looking at something outside of the frame to the left, there is active space in front of him to look into to interest the viewer more of the picture. This photo also has a shallow depth of field. I moved in really close to my subject and focused on details of the face so more of the background was out of focus.

Despite the low lighting in the picture, the photo has multiple leading lines that bring the viewer's eyes from my brother to the bowling pins at the end, back and forth. The the leading lines that are shown are from each of the bowling lanes that stretch out from the top of the picture down to the bottom. In this picture I filled the frame with close to 100% of the subject. I thought I should have got down and closer a little bit to somehow focus on the ball moving, and it would also be in a different perspective to make the photo more pleasing to look at.

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