So you’ve decided to JUMP…

Take that leap of faith and start your own business

You made the leap but not sure where to go from here and you’re anxious to get “there”…wherever “there” is for you.

Perhaps you’ve been at this for a while and are seeing no results and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

“One foot nailed down” I always say

You’ve worked your butt off doing all the hard work trying to make a go of it.

You THINK you have it all together.

You’ve learned...and learned…and learned…and learned some more (you get where I’m going here!)

But NOW…what do you do with it?

What’s your next step?

Nothing seems to be falling into place.

You’ve heard all the gurus say they have the answer.

“I can teach you something no one has ever taught you before”

“I can show you how you can have a 6-figure business”…..

(by paying THEM 5 figures, of course!)

“My 10 steps to...” whatever...

ends up taking you through 20 steps…OR MORE!!

Yeah Right…but none of it ever seems to work for YOU!

  • Other people “seem” to be so successful
  • Other people brag about THIS guru and THAT guru


So what are you doing wrong?

You’re paying attention to the WRONG gurus…

instead of trusting your inner guru!

What they did may very well have worked for them…but it may not work for you unless you tweak it.

You might have a different business model, a different personality…

Heck, you might even have a different goal.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all for

ANYTHING in life!

Now it's time to make some big decisions about...

  • where you need to focus next
  • which opportunities you should be pursuing
  • which resources you should be learning from
  • which tools you should be using

This confusion (and FEAR!) will be the VERY REASON your business won’t move an inch forward.

And you know that...

  • You WANT to make the right CHOICES
  • Something has to CHANGE
  • You want to feel CLEAR on your path
  • You want to GET FOCUSED and pointed in the RIGHT DIRECTION!



If only you had

  • The right guidance
  • Someone to get you through each step….not just teach you how to fly but to fly beside you until you’re CONFIDENT you can do this
  • The support when things go wrong and the applause when things go right

No matter what your business is

  • Offering services
  • Selling Online programs
  • Designing and selling your own products

IF ONLY…there was SOMEONE to guide you,

step-by-step, helping you

  • Get clear on your vision
  • Get focused on your goals
  • Create a plan for your business to grow
  • a way that YOU understand…a way that is right for YOU…in all your glorious authenticity!

Without being told…”that's NOT the way to do it”


I am a solution-focused, systematic coach and trainer…who has

  • More resilience than a rubber band
  • More tenacity than a New Yorker (oh wait, I AM a New Yorker!)
  • More know-how and creativity learned from the Original School of Hard Knocks (that's not the one where you have to do without your iPad for a Day!)
  • More common sense when it comes to running a business
  • More brains to know that my NO NONSENSE APPROACH isn’t for everyone!

But I DO speak YOUR language…because I was there…

I’m still there at times!

  • I’ve worked my BUTT off.
  • I’ve stayed the course even when led astray every now and again.
  • I’ve learned through processes EACH AND EVERY DAY. Moving forward one step…sometimes 10 time toward my GOALS!
  • I’ve learned WHAT WORKS….and more importantly WHAT DOESNT!

The key is knowing how to tell one from the other!

And with my help, YOU WILL!


This is NOT about figuring out WHAT’S RIGHT or WHAT’S WRONG with your business.

This is about your MAKING CHOICES

And testing and trying and DOING!

I can show you:

  • How to GET CLEAR on what you want for your future
  • The activities you NEED to be focusing on and WHEN...depending on what stage of your business you’re in
  • How to implement and automate…so that you’re working SMARTER NOT HARDER
  • Learning how to set goals that will work for YOU with what you already have
  • Understanding that the road to your destination may not always be a direct path and what to DO when the path changes
  • How to be sure you’re making the right decisions for your business by holding you accountable
  • How to do it ALL…without FEAR, without RESISTANCE, without DOUBT


Let's talk!

Nancy Greco

The No Nonsense Entrepreneur

Getting things Done YOUR Way...the No Nonsense Way!

No Nonsense Business Solutions, Inc.


Created By
Nancy Greco


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