A Work In Progress

As I approach and finish up the rough draft of the Medusa analysis, and my shitty experiences video, I have come to realize the importance of steps of construction. Now construction doesn't always go as planned, like the road above for example. Perhaps their work stopped because of a herd of stubborn, political moose. Who knows. The point is the workers found a way around it.

Finding a way around an obstacle requires openness. Openness about what the problem is, or even just the admission that there is a problem. I have kept this in mind after working through the shitty experiences project, opening my eyes to how shitty I have done stuff, and how sometimes thats okay, because eventually I found a way around it.

The Medusa project has been similar, as I have started to plan it out more thoroughly, I've encountered problems requiring myself to be open about what I really wanted to talk about. What was my main point and what was important in my argument? I am trying to keep a smooth path towards my ultimate paper goal, but the reality is that it was never going to be perfect the first way around, but thats okay. I just need to be open about my struggles, and also keep an open mind for new approaches.


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