Boreal Forest Biome Canada

Climate of the Boreal Forest in Canada

  1. Average Rainfall Per Year: Min: 12" Max: 33"
  2. Winter Climate Average: Min: -65" Max: 30"
  3. Summer Climate Average: Min: 30" Max: 70"

Seasons: The Boreal Forest has a short, warm summer and a long, cold winter. It mostly rains during the warm summer months

Net Primary Productivity

Net primary productivity is kilocalories/ square meters/ year. The net primary productivity for the boreal forest is 3500. It is lower then the Tropical Rainforest (9000), Estuary (9000), Swamps and Marshes (9000), and Deciduous Temperate Forest (6000). It has a higher net primary productivity than the Savanna (3000), Temperate Grasslands (2000), Polar Tundra (600), and the Desert (<200). The latitude the Boreal Forest is most typically found at is between 50 and 60 degrees North. The Boreal Forest is very diverse it includes numerous coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs, grasses, and fungi. Also it has small and large mammals. Host a lively and breeding ground for billions of birds. The biodiversity in the Boreal Forest is considered a global significance.

Invasive and endangered species


The Norway maple is native to eastern and Central Europe. A member of the soapberry and lychee family. The were moved to Canada for their looks but now they are taking over the forest and causing less diversity.


The grizzly bear one of many endangered animals in the Canadian Boreal Forest. It is endangered because of their lose of their habitat.

Common plants in Canadian Boreal Forest

The white spruce thrives in the boreal forest because it is native to the north and built to withstand the temperatures

The white birch also thrives because it is also native and has very strong wood and small leaves.

The balsam poplar lives in the forest because it is a hybrid of 2 trees and those trees make it the perfect overlap of genes to survive.

Common boreal forest animals

Snow owl lives in the boreal forest because its fur allows to be there and not be cold

Birds live their during the hot parts of the year because it is not that hot or too cold.

The linx lives their because it is used to the temperature and the eating habits.


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