How Ian Willis Copes with ADHD Without Medication By: Heather Ortiz

Most days you can find Ian relaxing in his bedroom, playing video games, watching YouTube videos or playing on his laptop in the living room.

Having ADHD can be very taxing on your health. A way that Ian unwinds is through play. Video games, PC games, and such help him unwind after a long day at school.

Ian likes to play Wizard 101 and also likes watching YouTube videos on the games he's playing.

"I enjoy relaxing because at school I'm worried for 8 hours and constantly working harder than the average person to make sure that I have everything I need." - Ian Willis

Inside Ian's bookbag you may find that it's unorganized or in disarray. Although, asking him to find a paper is easy - because he knows where it is.
A natural supplement to help brain clarity Ian depends on to help give him the extra push he needs for focusing during the day.

Another natural way is, my step-mom bought me a hand figiter off Amazon. The figiter is a toy that is a stress reducer made of ceramic bearings and perfect for ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism Adult Children.

Ian lays in bed while playing with his hand figiter.
A close-up of Ian's hand figiter spinning in his fingers.

I really didn't want to be on medication, so I am glad that my doctor saw something in my behavior that showed that I can work on my ADHD and that it is manageable.

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Heather Ortiz


Heather Ortiz

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