Canbury School Newsletter 21st September 2018. issue 135

Dear Parents and Visitors

We were delighted to learn of the safe arrival of Baby Arthur John Strathfield Rich at 4.00am on Monday. I'm not so sure Mrs Rich was so delighted at the time, but as we all know, babies arrive in their time, not ours. Mum, dad and baby Rich (all 8lb 5oz of him) are doing well. His picture graces the top of this week's newsletter - there could be no better place to show off the latest Canbury baby.


The Sixth Form Centre is finally arriving on the 3rd October - weather permitting. I (and the Sixth Form students) am delighted that it is finally going to be craned into position, and that all the students will be here to see it happening. Quite an Historic moment in Canbury's history.

We are all ready here for our Open Morning tomorrow. All our students are primed and ready to showcase everything that is great about Canbury, especially them!

Please ensure your child is here at 9.45am, ready and waiting for the 10am start. Prospective students and their parents are in for an absolute treat as we whisk them around the classrooms and the grounds. I would like to thank staff and students who have worked tirelessly this week to ensure tomorrow goes smoothly.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Carl for some great contributions in Drama in our mirror game and for taking direction well.

Year 8

Jack for his fantastic attitude in Drama this week.

Harry A for some really imaginative and focused work in Drama too.

Well done to the whole group for stepping outside their comfort zones in the freeze tag improvisation game. Harry L and Lucas also for taking direction really well.

Ottilie for gaining a black belt in Numeracy Ninjas, next stop Grand Master.

Lucas and Alannah for some astute answers in Physics lesson.

Year 9

Armani and Oskar for winning the indices bingo in Mathematics. It was a nail biting finish.

Ellie for improving her ttrockstars score in Mathematics by more than a second a question. Well done.

Year 10

Matt, Joe and Cate for achieving more than 70% in their Mathematics paper on Estimation.

Eugenia for the top score on two way tables in Mathematics.

Eugenia for excellent classwork on ions in Physics lesson.

Says Miss Scott: "I just wanted to do a shout out to the whole Performing Arts group who have had a fabulous start to their new course and have thrown themselves into our learning, working most recently on a scene from Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” and thinking about Absurdist theatre. Excellent work!

Year 11

Luca for super effort in his Physics homework.

Dean and Sonia for their excellent Mathematics results.

Year 12

Harry for his clear and patient teaching about the rules and moves of chess in chess club on Monday.


Says Mr Scaldwell: "Using a banana and a nylon stocking, Yr 8 examined a model of peristalsis, absorption and... egestion. Well, Jack, no one ever said this was going to be pretty."


On Monday, Year 7 collaborated to produce this neat little acrostic about Canbury:


And amazing.

Near home for some

But not for everyone.

Understanding every need.

Ready for everything.

Years of happy learning lie ahead.

News from across the pond.

Ms Clancy received a delightful message from former Canbury student Jack Crola who left at the end of Year 11 this summer to begin a new life with his family in New York. It seems you are never far from a member of the Canbury Family, even if thousands of miles appear to separate us:

Look who's on the screen behind me?!

Wrote Jack: "I am very happy to send this photo across to you from New York . I miss Canbury and all the teachers and students there.

But I am happy here in Manhattan and I have surprised myself how easily I have settled into my new school, it’s fairly similar to Canbury in size, but some of the subjects and lessons are different.

New York is very noisy and busy but I’ve got used to city life and I am happy we live near Central Park as it's very beautiful and peaceful.

Please say hello to everyone for me and please give this photo to Caitlin.

I hope you will all visit New York and come and see me.

Love Jack."

As you can see from Jack's selfie, the Canbury poster girl for world championship swimming, Caitlin, was representing Team USA on the live billboard in Times Square.

It's time to party!

Next week sees a series of house icebreaker parties as an opportunity for House members to get to know each other more and for our new Year 7 and other new students to find out who is in their House. These events will be run by the House captains, who have been tasked with organising various games, playing music and sharing food brought in by everyone.

Please do remind your child of these parties, and please send them in with a small snack to share (not fizzy drinks or anything containing nuts). Houses Coordinator Miss Ross has also emailed parents about this so that students don't forget over the weekend.

Details of Icebreaker parties below:

Noble (Yellow) - Monday Lunchtime 24th September in the History room.

Johnson (Red) - Monday Lunchtime 24th September in the Spanish room.

Campbell (Blue) - Tuesday Lunchtime 25th September in the History room.

Charity fundraising the Canbury way

Next Friday 28th September sees Canbury students and staff celebrating "Jeans for Genes" Day. This is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity which supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

Students are allowed to school in full mufti-wear, but especially jeans. The cost of this privilege is £2 to wear their own clothes, and a further £1 for those in KS3 taking part in the House Groups denim jeans three-legged race.

Please send students in with their monies in a sealed envelope, marked with their name and tutor group, and for the attention of Mrs Bowen. They may leave their envelope at reception. We ask that your child brings in their money ahead of the actual fundraising day. ALL monies raised goes directly to Genetic Disorders UK.

Just one week later we will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Mrs Bowen is in charge of receiving your beautifully baked lemon drizzle or chocolate cake on the morning of Friday 5th October. Entries to win the prize of "Canbury's best baker" cost £5 a cake. She is looking for three people to each make a lemon drizzle cake and three people to each make a chocolate cake. She currently needs one more lemon cake baker and two more chocolate. Please email her directly if you would like to enter: mbowen@canburyschool.co.uk

You can download the recipes here.



Mrs Bowen will also be staging a bring and buy cake sale on the same day, alongside the competition. Feel free to send in cakes for students and staff to buy. Again all proceeds will go to Macmillan Cancer Support. Please may we politely remind you not to donate any cakes, cookies or biscuits containing nuts.

Many thanks.

A note from Mrs Mascari.....

"Wow, what a lovely surprise I had from the very generous Caitlin and Mrs Trevor this morning. Recently, I celebrated my 32nd birthday, so the very kind Trevors decided to go out of their way to bless me with these very lovely and thoughtful gifts - a personalised apron and a HUGE chocolate fudge cake! I had to hold back the tears. I feel very loved and appreciated. Thank you for your kind gifts."

That cake looks like it's big enough to share.

Meet the member of staff

This week we meet Mrs Branney, Academic Assistant Head & SENCo, who we find out has a soft spot for sea gulls, loves a great read, whips up a wicked chocolate mousse and used to misbehave in her Mathematics lessons.

Mrs Branney out and about.

What was your favourite subject, after Geography, at school?

Science - particularly Biology.

Did you always want to be a Geography teacher?

No, although I always had an interest in Geography and the world around me. I had wanted to be a dietitian, for some peculiar reason, but did better in Geography so then decided to study Geography and Environmental Science at university instead.

What's the best thing about your job at Canbury?

No two days are the same, and making a real difference to young people and their families in the work that we do.

What would you say to your 14 year old self?

Don't worry about the things you have no control over, live for every day, and cherish those close to you because you will miss then when they are gone.

What is your favourite piece of music?

"Be" from Jonathan Livingston Seagull - the Grammy Award winning soundtrack album which was recorded by singer-songwriter Neil Diamond.

This is all about a skilled flyer (but very rebellious) young seagull, who is kicked out of his clan. However, instead of being sad or lonely, he decides to enjoy and explore his newfound freedom.

What was the best book you read as a child?

Mary Lennox enters the secret garden.....

"Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne and "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

What are you reading at the moment?

I always have a book on the go - it helps me fall to sleep in the evening and switch off from the events of the day. "The Woman in the Wood" by Lesley Pearse is the latest one.

Did you ever get into serious trouble at school?

No I was too good at school - although we did used to play Jacks in Mathematics when the teacher fell asleep!

Tell us something about yourself that we would never guess?

I used to compete in riding events - show jumping and cross country in particular, on a horse called Oscar and I was the All Ireland novice cox for rowing with the university ladies 4 team!

We hear you've taken up running, tell us what on earth possessed you to do that?

I needed to do exercise, tried boot camp, but kept becoming injured, so decided that running might be better. I started in January on an Absolute Beginners Course (ABC) and by the end of March was running/walking my first 5km. If I can do it anyone can!

Top three people to share a meal with? (Dead or alive, fictional or non, historic etc)

My dad (no longer with us), Professor Iain Stewart (geologist), Miss Dark (my Geography teacher).

Geologist Professor Iain Stewart - let's hope he likes pork, rice noodles and chocolate.

What would you dish up?

Javanese Pork - this was a recipe that my mum gave me years ago, followed by chocolate rum mousse.





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