UM leaders congratulate The Hurricane Anna Timmons

President Julio Frenk

As I mention in my column this month, while publications like The Miami Hurricane have evolved as technology makes news instantly available at our fingertips, their role as an important vehicle for student voices remains. The U exists because of students. We grow to serve students. In turn, our students grow to become a catalyst for broader societal advancement. Using their voices on campus—whether through a piece in the student newspaper or engagement in other activities—prepares students to be that catalyst in the community.

Dean Karin Wilkins and Sam Terilli, School of Communication

The Miami Hurricane has had a very successful 90 years and we are very proud of the paper’s outstanding record of reporting news, sports, the arts, and commentary relevant to our university community. We are also very proud of the fact that this student newspaper is operated as a successful business, selling advertising and managing its budget and personnel.

In many ways the fortunes and stature of this award winning student newspaper has grown as the University and Miami have both grown and matured. The paper has helped countless student journalists make the bridge to professional journalism. Its alumni have thrived in significant positions across the country, from the New York Times to the Washington Post to the Miami Herald as well as various magazines, television stations and networks.

The paper has also faced and overcome the challenges surrounding journalism in the digital world. For example, its website has been a leader among student media across the country. Journalism will continue to evolve as the University and our society evolve and I am certain the Hurricane will be right there evolving and reporting. We look forward to the Hurricane’s next 90 years of excellence.

Patricia Whitely, Vice President of Student Affairs

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, congratulations to The Miami Hurricane on reaching its 90th anniversary. Not only has this award-winning paper chronicled the University’s most important events and key milestones, but it has also served as a practical training ground for future journalists, photographers, designers, editors, and other media professionals. I look forward to the paper’s continued success for many more years to come.

Rep. Donna Shalala

“From its days as “Cardboard College” to its current status as a world-class research university, the Miami Hurricane has covered it all and evolved into the best student newspaper in the country. I hope the Hurricane continues to be a trusted voice, reporting the news and events impacting the University of Miami community, for the 90 years to come.”

Steve Priepke, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs

“Congratulations to The Miami Hurricane on being 90 years young. Our student newspaper continues to adapt to the times and inform and educate both its readers and its creators. Looking forward to the next 90 years.”

Emily Gossett, Student Government President

“Congratulations to The Miami Hurricane for 90 years of service and hard work keeping students well informed about what is going on in our community. All we students truly appreciate you and look forward to the future of The Miami Hurricane.”