Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History By Dylan Chopra

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit really helped to make the viewer feel completely immersed in nature. The lush green and vibrant flowers along with the colorful butterflies helped to show how beautiful nature can be. It was enjoyable to feel completely surrounded by a green space without the constructs of urban life. Additionally, the placards with information about the butterflies helped to round out the experience with knowledge and understanding of what I was viewing.

Nature and Ethics: This photo helps to show the the idea of ethics with nature. It shows a butterfly on a guardrail, emphasizing that the area is a man-made conservation garden that is done to help preserve the many species of butterflies and have them on display. By entering into the garden and immersing ourselves in it it allows us to be members of the natural community rather than conquerors of it like viewing animals at a zoo or aquarium. My visit helped to show me that I have an ethical responsibility to help preserve the nature that we have.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This photo helps to show the connection that humans have with nature. While at this exhibit I felt this showed a step outside our everyday lives. It shows man not as a hunter of animals but instead existing together peacefully and altruistically. The exhibit helped to reveal the mysteries of our connections with all living things and better understand what humans are.

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