What does it mean, web 2.0? It means the development of internet applications emphasizes sharing and interactivity. According to "Web 2.0 Tools and the Classroom" video, this means that instead of using just one resource, you use multiple resources and use collaboration. The example that was used was when you go to a library instead of just going to the resource section, set up a study group and then use the resources that are available. They even suggest going and speaking to the one who works in the resource section of the library. Using this study group is allows sharing and interactivity just like a web 2.0 site does.


This is a site that I have my students use for planning and research for a project that they may be starting in my class. This site is a great tool because it allows students to look up the ideas that they may already have as well as discover new ideas. I encourage students to look up artists and their work on Pinterest because there are so many people who will post their versions or ideas of famous artists work and this has really seemed to help my students put things into perspective. I see that when students are able to see examples as well as see what other people have done, they are inspired and that leads to wonderful project ideas. I use this now and will continue to use this as apart of the students planning process.


This is a new found website that I absolutely love. That is part of the reason why I chose to use it for my presentation. I use this website for the purpose of students creating a running blog about their work. It isn't something that they have to post, however it is a way for me to see what they are thinking, questioning, and realizing as they work on a project. I also encourage them to upload pictures of their work along with their blogging so that I can see what progress they have made each class as well as see what they are talking about when they are talking about their projects. I require my students to give me a portfolio of all their works of art at the end of the class, and find that because this is a running blog, it is easy for them to keep up to date on their portfolios. I am using this site to show how easy it is to use 21st century skills and technology within an art classroom.


Google Classroom is what I use on a daily basis for my students. I am able to upload their syllabus, their rubrics for each project, announcements, assignments, receive assignments, and have a class discussion all in one site. I have really learned to rely on this for when students are out and may have missed an assignment, notes, or just daily instructions. It also helps me not have to run off 100 copies of things that I know will get lost and I will have to make more copies. This for me is a blessing. I also love that when there is an assignment due I require my students to turn it in to classroom. I can easily see who hasn't turned in the assignment, who turned it in late, and then to read all the posts I have all in one place. I don't have to keep up with papers, or files. Google classroom has created a wonderful site. On top of having all assignments in one place, I like holding class discussions, like on blackboard. I have some students who have opinions and ideas, but are too afraid or unsure to speak in class. This discussion piece has allowed those students to be heard and be apart. They can't be anonymous, but they are less unsure of themselves. I will recommend this site to any and every educator, because it is a wonderful site and can be use for literally any class.


1. Students are able to use more than just the Microsoft programs that are generic on computers for assignments.

2. More creativity can be sparked from using Web 2.0 sites, because more interaction can be done.

3. Accommodations can be easily made due to some sites having instructions that explain exactly what to do.


1. Students may get board if the same sites are used over and over again.

2. Sites might not be able to use outside the classroom, due to the lack of technology within a child's home.

3. Less face to face peer interaction because there is now screen interaction.


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