Furry Trash Can Kailee Richter

The Furry Trash Can is the best bot, even though we got third! My partner is Taylor, we named our bot The Furry Trash Can. The purpose of this project was to increase our writing skills and learn about problem solving. The Furry Trash Can is the best because it has good defense, it’s appealing, and was good during competition.

The Furry Trash Can is the best because it had good defense. During the competition we could push the other bots away from us because of the ramp on the front. The ramp was the only thing that had damage, and it wasn’t that much either. We also had nails, but they didn’t really do anything, the nails were suppose to do damage to the cars. The only thing the nails really did was push other cars away. Our plan for the ramp was to have other bots drive up it and fall off the back, and then maybe have them fall off the back of their car. Jorden said that “even though I beat you, you had really good defense.” Since we had good defense, our bot was the best.

The Furry Trash Can is the best because it is appealing. The bot was appealing because it didn’t look like we just threw things together, we actually put time into it. We wanted it to look good, so we made sure the cardboard looked nice and we even put a bow in the top. On the cardboard we put our bot’s name and a trash can. Jazli said that our bot is “very cool and unique.” I think that our bot didn’t look too bad and I was proud of it when I finished. Our bot turned out to look good. The ramp was also colored it, wasn’t plain because we wanted it to pop. Our bot is the best because it looked nice and wasn’t sloppy.

Our competition was good, which could make our bot the best. Even though we lost, we did good. Our bot could easily get to the bigger car and get a hit at it. The bot we went up against was The Beast. It had big nails on the front, our ramp helped protect the actual car from it by pushing it back. The Beast wasn’t that good at driving, so we could get hits at it. Even though we got more hits and our ramp protected us, we lost. I think that we should have won, but we didn’t. Our bot is the best because we had great competition.

Our bot is looked nice, has great defense, and did well during competition, so that could make The Furry Trash Can the best. As you know the Furry Trash Can has good defense. It also looked nice and didn’t look like a pile of slop. Our bot had good competition and is the best. I think all these are qualities of a good bot. Don’t you think we should have won, I do?

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