Welcome back! CHS Community and Caregiver Newsletter August and September 2021

we are pumped to welcome you back to the halls of chs!

I think we are all happy that we had a chance to rest and recover from what might be the hardest school year that any of us had to endure. Last year was less than ideal, yet, so many lessons were learned for our staff, students, and caregivers that will help shape how instruction and connecting with students is accomplished for years to come.

We learned that our students are very resilient. Students balanced four different schedules, with some being online sometimes, some being online all the time, some taking AP/Honors/Concurrent classes strictly online, yet, students continued to do what they had to do to accomplish great things. Some students had to balance bigger work obligations and come home and finish APEX classes so they could continue to make the progress needed towards graduation.

Caregivers had to continuously adjust their schedules based on the newest state guidance provided to districts and scramble for childcare etc. Caregivers had to provide balance and guidance to school work, social lives, activities, and work, with the idea of letting their kids be kids. Wow!

Staff had to manage online students, in-person every day or every other day, and learn how to teach in a one-to-one environment within weeks. Staff had to make extraordinary attempts to build relationships with students.

So before we get to the 2021-2022 school year, just a big thank you to everyone for doing what you did to get to this school year. We know that there are still many barriers to a normal school year, but we are better prepared now for what may lay ahead. Let's make the 2021-2022 school year the best one yet!

COvid 19 Protocols

Per legislation that Governor Reynolds signed in May of last year, local school districts cannot mandate the use of masks for students, employees, or visitors on school property. CHS and CCSD will continue to do what we can in order to provide a safe environment for all students and staff.

  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear masks.
  • Staff will continue to sanitize tables, chairs and high-touch surfaces.
  • Students will only be allowed to use their lockers before/after school and during passing times. Students will be allowed to use backpacks throughout the day.
  • If students have COVID symptoms while at school, school personnel can send students home until the student is nonsymptomatic for 24 hours.

For information regarding quarantines, reporting, and contract tracing, please click the link below from the guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health


Across the country, more than 8 million students are missing so many days of school that they are academically at risk. Chronic absence — missing 10 percent or more of school days due to absence for any reason—excused, unexcused absences and suspensions, can translate into students having difficulty learning to read by the third-grade, achieving in middle school, and graduating from high school. " -www.attendanceworks.org
  1. It is vitally important that our students are at school, every day and on time.
  2. If for any reason, our students have to miss a day, please call the Attendance Office at 563.243.7540
  3. In order to promote strong attendance, CHS will continue to send out notifications through Infinite Campus if a student is absent

We do understand that illness, anxiety, or family emergencies do come up. Please communicate the needs of your student with the main office. In lieu of communication, the following steps are put in place to assist students in promoting positive attendance:

3 Absences in a Class

  1. A letter will be sent home alerting caregivers to their student’s absenteeism.
  2. The student may be required to meet with administration and may be placed on a contract, including consequences for further absences.

6 Absences in a Class

  1. A meeting will be held with the student and administration and an Attendance Contract will be put in place. The meeting may include a caregiver, teacher or counselor. Caregiver contact will be made to inform them of the contract.

10 Absences in a Class

  1. A review of the contract expectations with student and administration, with the caregivers contacted.
  2. 30-minute detentions will be given for every absence after 10.

15 Absences in a Class

  1. A face-to-face meeting with the student, caregiver, and counselor to determine the next steps that may include a drop of the class.

For more details on the Attendance Policy please click the link below for access to the CHS School Handbook.

GoGuardian -Online Safety

To help keep your child safer and more scholarly online, Clinton Community Schools has adopted online services provided by GoGuardian.

It may be helpful to know that over 10,000 other schools use GoGuardian to protect 5.5 million students across the world, and the Global Educator Institute has endorsed the GoGuardian Teacher product.

How are we using GoGuardian?

Help protect students against harmful and inappropriate online material.

Help students stay “scholarly” and more focused when learning online.

Help assess students’ progress towards class assignments.

Facilitating communication between teachers and students during class time.

When and how does GoGuardian operate?

GoGuardian’s web-based services operate on our school’s managed G Suite for Education Chrome accounts (i.e. when a student is logged into Chrome or a Chromebook with his/her school email address).

Clinton High School enables teachers to use GoGuardian Teacher with students in their classes only during school hours from 8:30 a.m. to 3:35 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When a student is off-campus, parents are responsible for supervising internet access and usage. We encourage you to discuss rules for appropriate internet usage with your child and to reinforce lessons of digital citizenship and safety with him or her. We also highly encourage you to report any potential cyberbullying or other sensitive issues to us.

How does GoGuardian help protect my child’s privacy?

To help your child remain scholarly and safe online, GoGuardian collects certain personally identifiable information about your child. GoGuardian has consulted with privacy experts, participates in privacy organizations, is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge, and has been awarded certifications by iKeepSafe for complying with both the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and California student privacy laws. For more detailed information about GoGuardian, you may visit GoGuardian’s website, Trust & Privacy Center, and GoGuardian’s Product Privacy Policy.

Can I Bring My Own Laptop to School This Year?

Unfortunately, to protect the CCSD firewall, all students will be issued a device for use at school.

If you have any questions, please contact Associate Principal Matt Tobin at matt.tobin@csdkq.org.

Get involved

There are so many activities to get involved with at CHS. We truly have something for everyone! Any of the coaches or advisors may be reached at their email address @ first.last@csdkq.org

Change in finals Policy

After getting feedback from staff, students and caregivers, we have changed our finals policy. The impetus for this change revolves around having all students be ready for the workplace evaluations or for a summative assessment that may be found in a college environment.

The Changes

  1. All students may have to do a final in each class depending on the team of teachers who teach that subject /class. This is teacher decided, not student decided.
  2. If a final is given, the student will be able to pick from at least two options provided by the teacher to show their understanding.
  3. During the week of January 10th-13th, students will attend school regularly, with that week being set aside for finals or finishing up the semester. A special finals schedule will not be used during this time.
  4. On January 14th, all students who are in good standing academically and attendance-wise, will not have school. If a student is struggling academically or with attendance, they will be required to come on January 14th to recover credits and or time.

Students can not be exempt from finals because of good attendance or grades! We feel this change in policy better replicates a real-world scenario and getting students an opportunity to choose the type of final to share (from a list of options provided by their teacher) their understanding is something that honors their learning.


Students are allowed to utilize the backpacks throughout the day. Students will not be allowed to go to their locker during class time, so having your materials is essential!

Schedules for CHS

Bell Schedules

  • CHS is back to a 7 period day with 46-minute classes, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • We will run a 2 hour Early Out Schedule every Wednesday.
  • Students will have Homeroom on Mondays and Fridays. We will primarily have students using our Character Strong curriculum for Social-Emotional Learning, as well as
  • School start time is 8:30, with dismissal being 3:35 and 1:35 on Wednesdays. For a copy of our bell schedules, please visit our website, and click "Academic Life," then "Bell Schedules" for all the schedules for special days.
  • Open campus is not offered for students.

Student Schedules

Student schedules should be released no later than Tuesday at 3:45 pm! Counselors are still busy making adjustments to balance class sizes etc.

  • If there is a schedule correction request, the form below must be completed. The form is available in the counseling office.
  • For students wishing to drop an AP/Honors or Concurrent level class, a rigorous class must supplant that course.

Download our app (s)!

The district has invested in our first district-wide app! Please search Clinton Schools, IA in the Apple Store or Google Play store and download the free app today! Some benefits of the app:

  • Get all information from your school's main Facebook, Twitter, (and soon) Instagram accounts all in one place by signing up for Push Notifications.
  • Want to know what is for lunch or breakfast? It is here!
  • Want to know what activities are happening that day? It is here!
  • The district will be working on adding even more functionality to the app to include messaging and score reporting.
See the quick less than 2-minute video below on what the app looks like in action!

Download Varsity Bound!

Varsity Bound is the state of Iowa-sponsored App for activities and athletics. See score reports, rosters and even recaps of events. Head to Varsity Bound on the App Store or Google Play store.

important Dates

Back to School

Friday, August 20th, from 4:30-6:00pm! A chance for students to find their classes, their lockers and get a glimpse of the building!


October 6th and 7th!

We will be sharing sign-up information soon! We will provide the Google Meet option again! Please be on the lookout! We would love to see you!

Homecoming Dates

September 20th through the 25th!

Be on the lookout for the Homecoming shirt web store from Adcraft in a few weeks!

Construction Update

As you can see, there is no East Commons Parking Lot! That is the spot for the new three-story academic wing that we should be in by January 2023!

The big orange building on the left!

So About the Floors...

The actual process of getting the current main academic building in a position to be torn down has begun. This summer, abatement crews worked to remove the asbestos flooring throughout the first and second floors of our current main academic building. Unfortunately, the floors and the corresponding walls along the baseboards do not look great, but by starting the abatement process early, we have saved the district and taxpayers money and time in completing the new building. Remember, the payoff is a brand new Clinton High School!


  • Students are expected to park in the new North Field Parking Lot if they wish to park on CHS property during school day. Students need to obtain a parking permit for $30 from the main office. Students who do not obtain a parking permit will receive parking tickets! Remember, the fees for parking are used to support student activities, like Homecoming, Graduation, and Prom!
  • Busses will be the only vehicles allowed in front of CHS on 8th Ave South. If vehicles park in this area, they may be towed.
  • The front of CHS on 8th Ave south is barricaded and is no longer considered a through street during the construction process at CHS. Caregivers are highly encouraged to drop off/pick up students in the yellow area, North of the football field. This is where temporary, 15-minute parking will be for visitors.
  • Visitors at CHS who need to be here for longer than 15 minutes will be able to park in the designated Visitor parking in the North Field parking lot.
Click me to enlarge!

breakfast and lunch

  • All CCSD students will be eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch this school year, no matter free and reduced status. If you do need a fee waiver for registration or book fees, please contact the Main Office!
  • Another reminder, the CHS campus is closed for lunch. Students are NOT allowed to leave for lunch!
  • Only caregivers are allowed to bring food to their students that can be consumed at lunch in the commons. Delivery services are not allowed to deliver food to students. Outside deliveries such as flowers, etc will be given to students at the end of the day.


Administration Breakdown

Mr. Kevin Behr (At-Risk Coordinator) will be assisting students with last names A-K.

Mr. Tobin (Associate Principal) will be assisting students with the last names L-Z.

Ms. Schroeder (Associate Principal) will be assisting all students with an IEP or 504.

Mr. Kuch (Head Principal) will continue to assist all students, with a focus on Seniors.

Get Your Activities Pass Today!

Did You Know?

The Home of the Hawkeye Football team, Kinnick Stadium, has newly named the field for CHS Athletic Hall of Fame and CHS Graduate, Duke Slater?!
Duke Slater moved to Clinton at the age of 13 in 1911. Slater played football for Clinton High School and led them to the Iowa State Championship game versus West Des Moines High School in 1914. After graduation, Slater attended the University of Iowa and was a four-year letterman. Slater was a three-time All-Big Ten selection and a first-team All-American in 1921. After graduation from Iowa, Slater played professional football for ten years. By the time of his retirement in 1931, Slater had achieved All-Pro status a total of six times. During his NFL career Slater never missed a game because of injury, starting in a total of 96 of the 99 games he played between the AFL and NFL. Slater also earned his law degree from Iowa. In 1948, he was elected as a Municipal Court Judge in Chicago. In 1960, Slater became the first black member of the Chicago Superior Court, then the highest court in the city. Slater later moved to the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1964, following that institution’s formation. Slater is also a member of the University of Iowa and College Football Hall of Fame.
Congrats to the Iron Kings and Queens of the Summer!


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