New guide: individual education plans (IEPs) Featured resource

As part of a whole-school commitment to high-quality provision for more able learners, the NACE Challenge Framework recommends the use of individual education plans (IEPs) or equivalent for those “outliers” whose individual needs are complex and may not be fully met through high-quality classroom challenge and differentiation strategies. This typically includes exceptionally able learners working well above the level of their peers, and underachieving able learners, who have the potential to achieve highly but face barriers to doing so.

To support schools in developing and implementing IEPs, NACE has created a new guide – available in our members’ resource library – including key points to consider and pitfalls to avoid when implementing IEPs; what to include in an IEP; FAQs; and an example IEP template.

The guidance and template can be downloaded from the “Policy and action planning” section of our members’ resource library.

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