Arsheya's Sibu Adventure It was Awesome!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready to go!

Saying our rap!

Playing poison ball!

Having snacks and raising up our hands! ( Don't know why?)

Building huts!

Poking our heads!


Us mermaids!

Happy Bday Sienna!!!!!

Me and Adina!

Me! Again!

Us with our suitcases!

And now the Story!!!

Day one

When we left school I was quite excited because this was going to be the longest school trip till now. My legs were shaking with excitement. But I also new I will miss my mum. I could feel the concrete floor touching the sole if my shoe and I Imagined manifest soft silky sand unlike singapore beaches for four days. Then I hopped on the bus sorted my thoughts in my head. right next to me was Guari. We talked for some time about what Sibu will be like then I asked Gauri “Wanna play chess?” “Ok Arsheya, but you will beat me for sure” “Just try,I’ll play less competitive with you.” After Gauri lost her queen she was like “NO !MY QUEEN.” In a weird accent, Then she lost so many other pieces but she still didn’t give up. Then I checkmated her.

At the border we stood up in a long line I was sure I was going to get through in my first try. The line was long I had to wait for thirty minutes. In that thirty minutes I was chatting with friends and annoying boys. And I got through first try. :)

On the bus ride I did my word search puzzle read, drew pictures, played UNO and thought about Sibu. Will I like Sibu or will I not? Then we watched the movie Annie. Gauri and I had never seen this version before so we were very Interested. Then I slept. I dreamt about Sibu, and Ice - cream. When I woke up it was time for the ferry!

When we arrived at the jetty, I could see the beautiful turquoise sea water which I have never seen before. I also saw the little fish swimming. I was so happy that we were going to reach Sibu soon.

On the ferry we played games and sang songs. We played a guessing game, the question was what was Emma’s real job in England? There were many answers - shopkeeper, banker, fashion designer and many other jobs then she gave us her first clue I help people. Then I thought police and I was correct.They also said whop whop we had to say it’s the sound of the police. I did not know what that meant?

When we began walking across Sibu Island I thought the grade seven camps were our camps. While we walked through the jungle I felt the crunching of leaves, and the soft cracky sounds of creaks. I felt so happy that we're going to see how Sea Gypsy looks like and to see our cabins. I asked Mrs Betts eagerly when are we going to reach? She smiled and said “fifteen minutes.” Very softly.

My first thought when we arrived at Sea Gypsy. Sea Gypsy was awesome I thought! The view was good the I new the food was going to be good and the cabins were good. Then I collected my suitcase, my bag and headed off to the restaurant.

At lunch, Tam was explaining how to behave in a restaurant. and all about Sibu, and all boring stuff I was so hungry I needed food to eat. We ate spaghetti with tomato sauce, it was so delicious and awesome. I talked to Kate about Sibu, things we have done in singapore, like playdates, how long we have been in the same class and how fun it has been.

When we went to the cabins, Gauri exclaimed “blistering barr nei CLS and a bunch of thundering typhoons!” Very randomly for some very odd reason! Then everybody started laughing. After the big laugh we had a little rest before we had free time. Then we decided the beds I we got bunk beds but I was on the bottom level. I was still happy with it.

When we were coming up with a tribe name Scarlet kept on thinking of weird names like ooh there is a baby coconut and there is sand in it, The Cow Tribes and many other weird names. Just then Siam came up with the phoenix Imaginators then I said “phoenix is good but Imaginators” we could change. Just then Scarlet said “What about the phoenix flames?” Siam said “that isn't a bad Idea” so our group name was called the phoenix flames but our tribe name was HYP No Waves, I liked the name HYP No Waves.

Our first challenge was sharing a toilet with the T.As, sleeping with mosquito nets and putting oil on your body that was the worst of all. And sharing toilets with five other people I am an only child so I never shared a toilet before.

I loved our cabin and Sea Gypsy village, the thing I love about Sea Gypsy village is that it have a lot of fun things to play with like the poison ball net to play poison ball and the swing for swinging on. And the food was Amazing!

When we went swimming ,Nireeka, Gauri, Ananya , and a few other girls and me went swimming with Mrs Soundra. We made a body boat. First the body boat was not so great, it kept on toppling over and it wasn’t so fun. But the second time, it was more stable than the first time but still not awesome. But the third time the boat was amazing! I went on top of Mrs Soundra’s legs, and Nireeka controlled it. She spun us so fast that the boat broke everybody fell in the water Splash! And everybody started to laugh.

For dinner we had fried tofu with rice and baked veggies. It was so delicious. I really loved the tofu I only had that for second helping.

After dinner we had a talk with Mrs Betts about what's is going to happen tomorrow like snorkelling and shelter building. Then we got sent to our cabins. To wait for five mins until Mrs Betts came.

In our cabins on the first night, before I did anything I just slept and dreamed. But my other room mates had a party until Mrs Betts came.

Day Two

“Wake up Asheya!” exclaimed Gauri, you missed a quarter of cleaning time! “Ok ok I said yawning and closing my eyes, I will clean.” When I woke up, my hair looked like a 10000 year old nest! I screamed like a lightning bolt hit me and.Gauri was staring at me like I was mad. So I spent fifteen minutes to brush it. Ananyas hair was like mine too but not as bad, then we had free time. I spent most of my free time cleaning up the cabin. Like i was supposed to. Then I went for a little play, with Kate and Ananya. But we forgot to switch of the fan and light, oops. So we got only two points for the tidy room competition.

After the double bell rang, I was so keen to have my breakfast so I ran to the HaB line as fast as I could. I forgot my water bottle and hat so I had to run back to my cabin and get it. I was so hungry when I got in the line I couldn't wait for breakfast

At breakfast, we had cereal milk, roti, and toast. It was Awesome I was talking to Lyra in THa about when we were kids in K1.

When we came up with a chant we thought of HYP No Waves! We are great we can beat you any day like a boss. At the last minute.

So we had the auditions group 1 and our group 3 was a tie so we had to do the voting for only group 1 and group 3 again and group three won.that was us. :)

When we played poison ball, I felt my bare feet, all alone not moving at all then suddenly a pass came to me luckily I caught itI was from Mrs Betts. So I took a step forward. and shoot! it went strait near Rohan and he missed.

We built shelter, we had to have a competition - Which shelter was the most waterproof ? when we built the shelter I got some rope to start off with I first found it hard to tie the rope on but I got used to it. We finished building the shelter. Aryan got in but he couldn't get out and they poured a bucket of water on us first. But we didn’t know than water was going to fall on us.

At lunchtime I was at the buffalo I looked at all the yummy options I chose every thing vegetarian. And awesome. I have never had that before. So I loved it.

During free time, I spent time playing games and cleaning up with Kate and Ananya. Gauri was playing in the playground. Like always.

When we went on the boat to snorkeling, I was so excited that this was going to be my first time snorkeling. Then suddenly boat went up and down up and down and crash! A big splash. It sacred me but It felt like I was a F1 racer In the water.

At the island we were snorkeling, I got a chance to go snorkeling .I saw beautiful coral Which I have never seen before. And best of all I saw cute little chubby little fat little fish. They were so cute. But sadly it started to rain. So we had to go.

On the way back in the boat the same thing happened the F1 racer except Adina was sea sick! So she started to cry but the team leaders took care of it.

During free time I played with Kate and Ananya near our cabin but we also cleaned up and Gauri went off playing with Ying Ying and Kennedy.

At night Kate told us that the tidy room competition was tomorrow, so Kate said first thing we do when all of us get up was clean clean clean the cabin. I was so sleepy that I fell asleep in the middle of Kate’s Important sentence. And no one had a party this time. :)

Day three

When I woke up, Gauri was standing there in a mad face, and said “CLEAN UP!!! Now!!! ” I have never heard Gauri being so strict before So I just did what Gauri said. Kate, Ananya, Gauri and me started to clean up. We cleaned cleaned and cleaned the whole free time. I cleaned the toilet, Kate swept, Ananya took care of the shoes, and Gauri cleaned the room and the suitcases, then the double bell rang.

At breakfast, we had roti and cereal the same thing as yesterday. It was awesome. But I had a feeling that the roti tasted different. Kate was sitting next to me and we talked about the food at how good it was.

When we went Snorkeling, On the beach we found some crabs, and one of them died and we had a funeral for them. When the funeral started it was time for me to go snorkeling. I could feel the soft sand touching my toes when the sea welcomed me into the water I could see the fish swimming around me. It felt like I was touching there hard scales. I was so happy, I could go to the deep end and Snorkel but, I saw cuttle fish cute little chubby little fat little fish again it felt like they were following me. I saw and beautiful coral. I thought it was a dream to go snorkeling. And it was, for me.

At lunchtime, we had Hot dog with chips, but I am vegetarian so I couldn't have the hot dog. But it was still good. All the food was new to me except the breakfast and the spaghetti.

When we had tuck shop, we bought snacks I got a Ice lemon pop I ate it so slowly so it started to drip on my shirt. And played the mafia game. I was not part of the mafia but still Sari kept saying its me. Like this It’s Arsheya No it's Arsheya listen to me it's Arsheya!

When we went boogie boarding, On the beach Gauri Kira and me had a commotion with the boys. To see who could make the best sand mountain. But the boys cheated by putting molds, and they destroyed ours and we told Mrs Betts. But the girls won. I caught a big wave, so I almost went on top of mrs Betts. But then Krish went on top on me After the big squish my nose was flat and I was so Mad. I was very excited and It was my first time boogie boarding.

At the banana race, when it was my turn, / number 21 the banana was a ball and it looked disgusting. I could feel the sand stuck in my toes when I was running and the Banana squished in my hand. THa got the prize which was a banana trophy for the slowest time and the best banana. :( But we came second place. :)

At dinner time we had BBQ dinner, it was amazing but the corn was to hard for my chipped teeth.

For Sienna’s birthday, I was having my medicine I heard Tam talking about a special person I knew it was Sienna I could feel the happiness for my friend in me. so we got yummy brownies. :)

At the concert I was really sleepy so I didn't see the last show But I could hear the sound of fire and children clapping, but otherwise it was amazing.

On our last night in our cabins, I was VERY! Sleepy, (Times a million) so I just slept without brushing my teeth. I dreamt about Gauri and Ananya suddenly turned into babies, and how cute Gauri looked and how Kate and me saved them from falling off a cliff.

When we woke at 6am, I was so tired. I finished packing and went out. To the veranda. We checked if we left anything but we didn’t. So I went outside to see the view. Kate and Gauri were awake too, but Ananya just woke up when the bell rang.

As we were leaving I was very sad, I will never see Sea Gypsy ever again. I looked at the beautiful sunset sadly and walked in the line to the ferry.

On the ferry I was talking to my friend Gauri, (in PBa) about sibu and she said things to me to about her time in sibu. And how sad we were leaving Sibu. Her friend Shivani gave her a Dare which was to say to me “I am a weirdo I hate school and I will cheat in every test but it was not true.

Back in the bus I sat alone, Aryan and Krish was annoying me. So I had to deal with them, I was successful.

As we drove into UWCSEA I was so happy to see my mum.

My final thoughts about Sibu It was a great experience of Snorkeling, and boogie boarding and a awesome time. Plus the food was amazing too.

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