Art portfolio By Adrienne Coffman

Straight line design. Uses: construction paper, pencil, and ruler.
Color Wheel. Uses: Paint, construction paper,and scissors.
One line drawing. Uses:pencil, paint sticks, paint,and sharpie.
Visual texture. Uses: Color pencils and pencil.
Monochromatic Animal project. Uses: paint,sharpie,and pencil.
Locker name tags. Uses: Pencil, magnets, sharpie.
Multi Media Monet. Uses: Tissue paint, crayons, and pencil.
Radial Symmetry. Uses: pencil, ruler, sciccors, and construction paper.
Paper 53 drawing. Uses: IPad.
Van Gogh. Uses: Crayon and crayon sticks.
These are my favorites. Van Gogh and Monet.

" Art was my favorite part of my 5th grade year!"

"Art is never finished, only abandoned." -Leonardo De Vinci

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