What's New in Golf? The Latest and Greatest of 2017

An overview of the newest clubs you need to try this season written by golf enthusiast, Griffin Smith

The technology of golf is ever changing. Each company is always striving to design the latest and greatest product to change the way the game is played. Whether it's the amateur Sunday golfer attempting to break his personal record and brag to his buddies, or the PGA tour pro on the verge of breaking into the winners circle, the innovation in the game today can help anyone (no matter the level) reach the next step. While its common knowledge that it isn't the equipment that makes the player, the technologies in material, weighting and adjustability can help anyone make great improvements to their golf game. While the performance of the product is important, the innovations in style and design is what sells these products.

Let's take a look at some new, innovative products of 2017 and who's using them!

The Taylormade M2 Driver 

Taylormade's newest series of product is the M2 family. The M2 driver combines the newest technology for incredible performance with the classic Taylormade style and design. With its new Geocoustic technology, the M2 provides any player with ultimate forgiveness and distance.

In today's world of seemingly unlimited technology, the average golfer can become easily overwhelmed. Taylormade has designed their clubs to have user friendly adjustments so that anyone can feel like a pro, no matter your level of play. The M2 incorporates adjustable lofts and face angles as well as the option to adjust the weight in the head of the club. These adjustments give the player the ability to change their equipment to fit their own style and personal swing.

"Huge improvement in feel, not composite-y. Feel the ball jumping off the face and more forgiving than M1, but still getting high balls speeds. Frames the ball very well. I think its a big improvement from all white." -Mid- Handicapper (Golf Digest)

With the use of social media like Instagram and Twitter, the average player can connect with the pros. It gives the world an inside look at life on the tour. By giving us access to the pros through social media we are able to see what equipment they're using and what styles they're hot on.

PGA tour pro Justin Rose shows off his new M2 Driver in the Bahamas (Below).

Srixon Z 765 Irons

While Taylormade has always been a major company on tour providing equipment for all aspects of the game, Srixon is a rather new company on the scene. Srixon golf is a Japanese based company, originally jumping into the game as a provider of golf balls but in recent years they have expanded into clubs.

In 2017 Srixon released the Z 765 iron set. This is an iron produced for the skilled player. It provides the user with solid forgiveness with ultimate work ability necessary to produce whatever shot is needed. While the performance is undeniable, the new Srixon irons provide a sleek, well designed style to complete the bag of any amateur or professional.

"Nice clean look and the cavity looks sharp. Solid click off the face and very consistent." - Low Handicapper (Golf Digest)

Companies use Twitter to promote their products and connect with their audience. Below, Srixongolf shows off their new Srixon iron family. 

Srixon Pro Graeme Mcdowell uses Twitter to help promote Srixon golf while also connecting with his fans.

This short guide looked into some of the hottest products of 2017 so far. Every year in the world of golf, technologies are changing and companies are pushing the limits to bring new innovations and styles to the game. To check out the entire Golf Digest Hot List, follow the link below!

About the Author

Griffin Smith is an avid golfer, coach and student. As a high school athlete, playing for Cranbrook Kingswood, Griffin won an individual state title in 2011 and helped his team to a championship in 2012. He is currently finishing his degree at Oakland University while receiving his PGA certification as an apprentice at Stonycroft Hills in Bloomfield Hills. Griffin is also the head boys varsity golf coach at Cranbrook Schools. Looking forward, he hopes for a long, successful career in the golf industry.

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