1960's Protest Music Little Boxes by Pete Seeger

1) Pete Seeger.

2) Little Boxes.

3) Written: 1962 Released: 1963.

4) "If I Had A Hammer," "We Shall Overcome."

5) It is a social commentary about how during that period of time the preferred lifestyle was to be rich and be able to graduate college and then go on to live in the fancy new homes. But to Pete he sees the new housing built in the 1960's as all the same and compares them to Little bland boring Boxes that everyone willingly lives in.

6) During this time new housing was being built and suburbia was on the rise. With the rise of Levi-towns brought more and more housing but all of the houses looked and felt the same which made things confusing and boring.

7) Rise of Levi-towns and JFK's Presidency.

8) It brought to light how with the come of the new generation of people and housing, that everything was beginning to blend together and look and feel the same.

Verse: And the people in the houses All went to the university, Where they were put in boxes And they came out all the same, And there's doctors and lawyers, And business executives, And they're all made out of ticky tacky And they all look just the same.

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