Tattoos on the Heart Project By: Jaeli Cole

Chapter 3: Compassion
The theme of this chapter is compassion and this means to have loving kindness. Many people just try to be kind because it's right not out of love and to truly do good. We should keep everyone as equal throughout our lives. My favorite story was the story of Anthony. This showed me the even the smaller things can change someone's life like giving them a chance. All people could need is a little help from others and it could change their whole life.
Chapter 5 Slow Work
This chapters theme was slow work and this means we should wait and trust in the slow work of God. It takes time before people can change and many times you need to experience life changing things before you start to change. My favorite story was the story of Joeys. I liked this because it took time before he changed but in the end he did. Even though he didn't like his job he did it so that his son could have a working father. His son was going to be a life changing thing in his life so he decided to change his own life in order to be a good father.
Chapter 7 Gladness
The theme of this chapter is gladness and this means to feel well and have contentment. Many of the homies experience joy throughout their lives with the help from Fr. G. When we come to know God we can experience much joy in our lives and spread it around us. Your attitude or outlook on you day or anything in general can change how the experience really is. My favorite story was Spiders story. This showed me what true joy can look like because it didn't matter to him if he didn't have anything to eat as long as his kids and wife were full and satisfied. It reminds us that happiness comes from God and it is what he wants for us. No matter how tough life gets God can always create happiness for us if we turn to him.


Created with images by @CHURCH4U2 - "Psalms 100:2 Serve the Lord with gladness: #love #god"

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