Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Movie vs. Book

I have chosen the movie book Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, and when you read the book and watch the movie you can really tell the differences. Lets start with the book. The book is a good read that comes with great story and backstory, but yet it is still able to make you wander what is going to happen next. It uses great wordplay and has great description of its characters and it's environments. The book keeps you wanting to read more, and it has a really good movie to go along with it.

Now the movie still has the same plot as the book, but, there are some small differences. Over the differences, the movie has a great cast of actors with Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. The movie has great environmental scenes with a fantastic display of green screen. The actors have great expression and sarcasm, and yet they still stay true to there characters. I really do like the movie because it stays true to the series

Now even though they are the same thing there still is some differences between the movie and the book. One of the differences I noticed was some of the small dialogue that characters would share and sometimes they weren't even some of the sentences. There was even some differences in designs. Not even some of the actions were the same. Both of them were good but if i had to chose one of them I would have to go with the movie.

I would honestly prefer to chose the movie over the book but not just because it is easier but because for what the movie is missing from the book makes up in beautiful scenery and great acting. It would be a really good watch from start to finish. It makes you want to watch the whole series.


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